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  1. CaliTedesse

    Inside the Burial Chambers of Sudan’s Royal Pyramids | Kush

    An underwater archaeologist has told the BBC of the extraordinary lengths he went to to access a pharaoh's tomb underneath a pyramid. Pearce Paul Creasman and his team were the first people to go into the tomb for 100 years and, in that time, it has become harder to access because of the rising...
  2. CaliTedesse

    Iberomauresian had African DNA but from who?

    Did you know the Iberomauresians had Sub Saharan African DNA. I wonder from which part and people since Somalis have proto Nilote SSA DNA? https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/03/oldest-dna-africa-offers-clues-mysterious-ancient-culture @EDsomali @sophisticate
  3. AarHawd_7

    We lost another teenager last night, RIP

    I would advise Somali boys to avoid Uxbridge Road the comming days wallahi.
  4. Timo Jareer and proud

    T-M184 Discussion

    This thread will be dedicated to finding out more information about this haplogroup. I found this website, it showcases different T1a subclades people carry and which courtesies they originate from. https://www.yfull.com/tree/T/ After scowling down a bit on the website, I saw that a...
  5. Qarboosh

    Xalimo Jumps on Jay Z & Beyonces Car

    Kkkkkk ceebta aduunka
  6. Steamdevolopment

    Should you hide being an atheist even if you have the means and safety to be openly out?

    What advice would you give these people? @AussieHustler @VixR @Reiko
  7. Steamdevolopment

    Waaq Nation- Is Ilhan an anti-semite? An honest review

    Here for another episode of the free-thinkers podcast Good day to you all, @Reiko @Basra @AussieHustler @knowles:sass2:
  8. Cam

    Young geeljire hustlin on the streets of Toronto

    He's got the business sense of a true Somali Masha Allah :salute: If you're ever in Toronto go buy his paintings :yousmart: Look out for his restaurant in 5-10 years insha Allah
  9. Kezira

    Somali Djiboutian runner Ayanleh Souleiman sets new record

    Destroying Kenyan runner behind him :russ: Ayanleh Souleiman of Djibouti was awaiting the 1000 meters before the race. "The meeting record is 2:19? That will be easy, ”he said at a press conference on Friday. A day later, he showed great performance and enough confidence. In time 2: 16.51...
  10. CaliTedesse

    Why Somali men should marry more Slavic women

    The common Somali males you find in the Western world: 1. The skinny caajis one who let's his fast metabolism body rot away. He acts like a badman, but probably couldn't even open a jar filled with pickles with his bare hands. If push comes to shove, he either runs away or pulls a weapon 5...
  11. Aden Ciisman

    I’m embarrassed for the Somalis here in Germany

    wallahi, I don’t have words..
  12. CaliTedesse

    Somali penunsila used to be called NEW ARABIA

    The Northern part called Ayen(Ajuran??) and sometimes NEW ARABIA. It comprehends the dominions of Brava, New Mogadixio, Adea and Adel.
  13. AdeerAli

    Have you ever met a Somali atheist or a Christian?

    I honestly never came across a Somali who denounced Islam in any form, but lately I have noticed so many White guys on the internet and forums claiming to be Somali and Gaal. I have no problem with anyone's choices of religon but why can't they public speak up and show their faces so I would...
  14. AdeerAli

    My Communist dad

    He wasn't the worst kind of father and he spent a lot of time with us. I just find his personality to be really annoying and his parenting style to be really bad. Aside from the fact that he is just really negative all the time (always complaining about some inconsequential nonsense, and...
  15. Cam

    Long lost Somali's scattered across North East Africa

    After the wars against Abyssinia in the 16th century a lot of Somali soldiers scattered into neighboring nations eventually assimilating Oromo For example, Oromo's have assimilated millions of Somali's over the past 5 centuries. I know that some Harti and Geri for example have been...
  16. CaliTedesse

    I am liking the sound of Kush

    It rings sweetness to my ears and soul. I just feel part of it. Like I've been seperated from this term for centuries. it is my identity. I am Kush, I breath Kush, I live Kush. My dream is Kush. My life is Kush. I long for Kush. I die for Kush. Who am I? I am Kush. صومال ابن كوش...
  17. R

    Will I get the Israeli passport

    I was born and raised in Europe. But I‘m from the yibir tribe. If I go to the Israeli embassy will they give me Israeli passport even though I’m Muslim. I have read somewhere online that the Israeli president wanted to go to Mogadischu to collect the yibirs from there. He said yibirs are lost...
  18. CaliTedesse

    Met other Somali in café

    So I met this other Somali yesterday in a cafe. Wallahi billahi was shocked to see a other Somali there. Btw don't drink abihiin wasse. Waa xaraam,,but this nigga did ,,,,,not that it's any of my businnes. Told him I was Sudanese and he believed me. Hmdlh he didn't think I was Somali. He talked...
  19. R

    Are Yibirs Somali, Ethiopian, or Jewish?

    Assalamu Aleykum guys. I‘m from the small tribe called Yibir. Me and my family are pure yibir. We didn’t got mixed with other Somali tribes. Normally yibirs marry and mix with other sub tribes like tumaal/Madhiban. Me and my family are white skin. We have straight hair. And arabic facial...
  20. CaliTedesse

    SOO GALA PLZ something I noticed here

    Wallahi billahi I've encountered this many times people here want you to adopt their way of thinking and become like them. you can't even voice your opinion without being labelled troll. Since @Finesse thought I was trolling I will move my honest opinion here. I find Somali dances very...