1. Manafesto

    OPINION Somalia's Presidential election winning Candidate/Party prediction Contest

    My answer : 1. Siciid Deni 2. Sheikh Sharif 3. Farmaajo 4.AbdishukuurAbdiraxmaan/Rooble 5. Hassan Sheikh 1. Sheikh Sharif 2. Siciid Deni 3. Farmaajo 4. A.AW 5. Hassan Sheikh 1. Siciid Deni will win the elections 2. Sheikh Sharif will have his voters give Deni to finally win from Farmaajo...
  2. BetterDaysAhead

    Top ten richest Somali Kenyans and their businesses

    Top Ten Richest Somali Kenyans And Their Businesses In Kenya, the Somali and Hindu communities are considered the SI unit for business success, as evidenced by the successful business empires run by some of their tribesmen in the country. A majority of Kenyans from the Somali community are...
  3. R

    Have you ever seen a white person that looks Somali?

    For real I can’t be the only one who has noticed this. I’ve seen some white people that really look Somali. Like the facial features, the forhead, the lips everything looks so Somali expect the skin colour. Some of them even exactly look like some Somali people that I know.
  4. Manafesto

    UPDATE Somali culture,ethics and history is added to Minnesota schools curriculum officially as a class

    Although I support this move And the fact that MN education board added this important class to their curriculum, this class should be exculsive to Somali kids alone. Foreigners and Americans shouldn't be allowed to take this class, we don't want Ajnabis to know more about us than our lost...
  5. Manafesto

    WHAT'S TRENDING ON.. Muslim Somali model Halima Aden has been selected as one of the top '100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2021'
  6. Hybrid()

    What's the verdict on xalimos from the middle east

    How are they compared to the ones from back home ? Some of the stereotypes I heard about them are that they can be emotionally needy or they are freaky. There's a family friend from Saudi Arabia and I like her personality. She's feminine, friendly and dresses more liberal. She showed me pics of...
  7. SilcisGorgate

    Tall niggas I need some advise

    Both my older brothers are 6,3+ so growing up I always thought I’d be tall but these past couple weeks I’ve been stressing. I’m turning 18 in July and im still 5,8 5,9. Did you guys grow past 18? and can you tell me any foods that can help me grow taller. Would gym help me grow taller?
  8. Manafesto

    WHAT'S TRENDING ON.. A Somali Girl Wants to travel all over the world using a Somali Passport

    Not bad looking. I wonder how many countries she would make it to before a Farah knocks her up.:sass2: :whoo:
  9. R

    Why are Somali women rude?

    What I noticed is that Somali women specially the ones that were born in western countries tend to be so rude specially if u are also a Somali girl. They always treat non Somali girls better. This didn’t happen to me once this actually always happens to me when I encounter with a Somali girl. I...
  10. T

    would you marry a person who was freaky in the past?

    Personally I'm going to vet any potential for weeks, going to ask their family/friends/teachers, check their social media and go on the deep web. If I cant find anything I'll ask my homeboys to hit up her friends, get to know them then slowly pressure them for info about my xalimo. This way...
  11. R

    Is she Somali or Eritrean ?

    Is Liyahmai Somali or Eritrean?
  12. R

    Would you marry a non Somali person?

    And if yes then what ethnicity would you like to marry? Are there certain countries you wouldn’t like to mix with?
  13. R

    What do you guys think of billy marsal?

    What do you guys think of her? Do you guys think that her body is fake?
  14. Manafesto

    NEWS Presidential candidate Fowsiya calls out former Pres.Farmaajo's abuse of power and interference in picking MPs from Somaliland

    2:30 Let us not forget that this fraud and imposter used to shake her flat butt for Farmaajo untill she was implicated trying to deposit the national assets of Somalia in an oversees acct and she was replaced. Now this Farmaajo used condom women wants to have a say in SL MP selection and...
  15. angelplan

    SOMALIA Somali Petroleum Authority

  16. angelplan

    CULTURE Ciyaar Dhaanto (Somali Independence Day)

  17. Hybrid()

    Descendants of Somali Italians from colonial times

    Some of them have Italian bloods and some look full Somali. I wonder whether they still follow Islam or adopted Christianity
  18. angelplan

    Somawave: The Somali impact on Dutch hiphop