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  1. CaliTedesse

    So I was wondering

    what causes red eyes and chocolate teeth In our community. Midakale I was wondering do Somalis get sickle cell disease? Anyone who is able to answer these questions is f*cking BOSS walle bille
  2. CaliTedesse

    Do I suffer from self hatred?

    I would like to see what people here think? lol Honestly I believe I am one of the most proud Somalis on this forum
  3. IftiinOfLife

    Vocabulary of Indigenous Somali Furniture

    A bit of a linguistic thread, for any Somali layman linguists. I've recently learned from my family, that we have an indigenous word for "Four Poster Bed" , mashallah :lolbron: It is called "Maymoosi". Just to be safe, I've spoken with my non Somali friends over the weekend...
  4. abdallah

    More Alshabaab attacks under farmaajo than the other presidents

    Farmaajo needs to go
  5. CaliTedesse

    Camel Domestication - Somali penunsila or Southern Arabia

    Since I saw a discussion about where the camel was domesticated I thought why not continue the discussion here. Did you know there are more than 40 words for camel in the Somali language and more than 50% of the camel population in the world is found in the Somali penunsila. With camel I mean...
  6. abdallah

    A dhullo brother tells us how Somaliweyne is a fake ideology

    :icon lol::icon lol:
  7. Alexis

    Genetics Somalis' Specific Mtdna clades

    Hi y'all. Is it possible for all the somalis that have done 23andme tests to post their 23andme assigned Mtdna results as well as processing their raw data into https://dna.jameslick.com/mthap/ (which does not even take 4m) to see what their sub-clades might be. I am particularly interested in...
  8. CabMax

    Sheikh Umal Destroys Politician

    Sheikh Umal takes down a politician who bashes the ahadeeth in order to gain votes.
  9. lalayariis

    How to get over someone

    I had a crush on this dude for 3 years, and only seriously the past year and I just found out he has a girl now. He was the sweetest boy ever, and would always appreciate me but I guess he didn’t like me like that which is life. Lowkey genuinely thought he might have liked me though, he sent to...
  10. IftiinOfLife

    Muslim Documentary completely forgets Somalis ACCEPTED Islam first in Africa

    Time stamped here, Somalis need to be more vocal about our Islamic history and our contributions to Africa., he also lied and said the Omanis controlled Somalia, he says this around 12:47, he also blames the slave trade on AFRICAN people :drakelaugh:, and says Africans were slaves to arabs...
  11. lalayariis

    Why do other somali girls stare?

    I’ve notice quite often when there is a group of Somali girls I don’t know they just look at me and stare, sometimes even glare for no reason. Happened at a Somali event I went to a few nights ago and they just kept eyeing me while I was with my friends for no reason. They’re college age might I...
  12. IftiinOfLife

    The Somali Current

    How can we benefit from this? :lolbron: Our Maritime trade that we used to be Masters at... until the colonial age. Also we have random white people studying our water, trying to figure out how to make money off it, and what are Somalis studying now? Their stupid qabil and if they are actually...
  13. IftiinOfLife

    Most Somali Diaspora's (born in the diaspora) are dead/in the gutter

    Truly think about it. Have you? I spoke with an old friend recently from the old neighborhood, and most of the somalis we grew up with are either dead or in jail, or doing so shitty they might as well be dead. Like a dude I know who dropped out of college/uni his parents forced him to marry a...
  14. IftiinOfLife

    My dad left me as a child

    Like the title explains. I am now around same age he was when he emigrated to the west, and I made more money this year, then he did his entire life. Is Karma real? :pachah1: But it hit me, I am the same age range, he was when he went to start a new life and I'm miles ahead of him :ivers...
  15. IftiinOfLife

    Iyanle Fix My Life

    This show has absolutely taken me out :liberaltears::liberaltears::liberaltears::liberaltears: I watch it on my work breaks, and I was thinking, if my family went on it, we would get 700 million views for all of our trauma,bickering and fuckery. :drakelaugh: We need a Somali version co hosted...
  16. Aden Ciisman

    Somalis on TIKTOk

    I got TikTok and I’m kinda obsessed with it and I found like especially 3 Somali girls on their that have a big following
  17. CaliTedesse

    Modern Habesha men are very feminine

    They also have this goat face. It's hard to explain. With their dirty hairstyles greasy oily look. Dark cave eyes like Satan and miniature size body. One thing I do respect about them is most of the new refugees they tend to work, but they are smelly and their women don't want them ad the ones...
  18. CaliTedesse

    Do you know any Somali that died from

    Cancer? In your family? Extended family? Relative? Maybe other peoples relative? Friends family? Please tell me I want to know, because I do not see this sickness as frequent as I do with other ethnic groups. Like Moroccans etc. They tend to suffer from it a lot like Cadaans. All sickness is...
  19. CaliTedesse

    I am Soomaal not a Somali - Poem

    I am a Soomaal not a Somali Because a Somaali is to be a baaldi I am so noble I am Soomaal I am so dirty I am a Somali I am so gob I am a Soomaal I am so gun I am a Somali Famine, war, Soo~maa~li Prosperity, peace, Soo~maal That was my short poem I hope you liked it guys Want more poems...
  20. CaliTedesse

    What is known about illegitimate children

    Do you know any Somali illegitimate kids? Do you know some being created right now? What do you think of illegitimate children? What does Islam say about them? Do we Muslims have illegitimate children too? I mean as much as other groups ? Are illegitimate children the problem to the AA...