1. Lais

    Infamous Somali incel @Zvbear gets doxed by angry Taylor Swift fans on X
  2. Pastoralist

    (Unconfirmed) Our president may have revived Somali Airlines

    HSM has been great for the private sector of Somalia.
  3. Kizaru

    Genuinely, What is a more acceptable alternative to federalism (clan federalism)

    At this point, we might aswell have 15 new countries :snoop: What are other means of creating a stable and propped up country that isnt rife with qabil. Federalism turned us into self centered people who dont even bat a eye when other somalis are getting killed because, you guessed it, "Muh...
  4. boyaboy1212

    Doing a video on all land controlled by Somalis

    Please give suggestions so far I have the East African coast and Mozambique (Sofala) Northern Madagascar Coast Majority of Ethiopia because of the Adal and some parts of Maldives is this it ?
  5. boyaboy1212

    Haile selassie begs The UN to get Somalia

  6. boyaboy1212

    It’s over xalimo femcels are attacking us again this time pulling 100k+ Likes I was attacked when I clapped back 😔 :kanyehmm:This is a serious matter this is propaganda it’s not safe
  7. KinsiHilaac

    Israel supporting Ethiopians

    Seeing and hearing about Pro Israeli Ethiopians is cringe. Israelis view Ethiopians as subhumans and forcefully sterilize their women. But they’re still bootlicking them. Maskiino ciilan
  8. Noble

    Cisse Djibouti are Assimilating/Somalising Afars

    Cisse conquering Afars thorough love can Djiboutians confirm this
  9. Kizaru

    How Do We Stop The Circulation Of Fake Bank Notes Used on Somali businesses?

    Fake notes have completely ruined the value of the somali shilling. It's high time we get rid of the imbiciles making them or make it 10x harder for them. I was thinking of: -Changing the design so theres more then 5 sercurity measures when taking notes. -Changing the material (Polymer)...
  10. P

    Can anyone translate this portion of the poem for me and explain what it means?

    "Lix halkaa ku joogtaan dagaal laabta ka ogaada Luquntana haddii laydin jaro lugaha meermeersha Laqantooyo kaagama dartee laliya duulaanka Laarrigana ha daynina wixii lumaya yeelkiiye"
  11. Kizaru

    How to reduce inflation in the modern somali republic

    The West increases interest rates which isn't possible in Somalia for obvious reasons. Introducing fiscal policy could include reduced spending but reducing spending could impact sectors like education and the military. The retards in the Somali central bank keep printing money like there's no...
  12. Kizaru

    Was the Ogaden War a disastrous One or a Beneficial one

    How bad was it. Did it sow the seeds for disaster? How did the majority of somalis feel after the war? Could it be possible to reclaim it?
  13. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Why Are Black Men Being Blamed For Somali Problems?

    Not my video, but what do you 🤔 about this guy? I'm Pro-African diaspora :ohno:
  14. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Would You Marry A Non-Somali Or Muslim Woman?

    Shoot as to why or why not.
  15. Pastoralist

    RIP debt forgiveness. More resignations.

    first the finance minister now these guys. It’s better we don’t get debt forgiveness if it’s going to the wrong places. Money to build schools would somehow end up being used to buy property in Kenya.
  16. Mr. Nur

    Seeing Hooyo like this May Allah look after this hooyo she is in a lot of pain… #somalia #somali wake up !

    😭😢😭wallahi is so sad seeing hoyo like this May Allah look after this hoyo she is in a lot of pain…she is still taking care of her kids in situation I love how he shows support the somali people in somalia on his TikTok account. Wallahi, he is a real role model for Somali youth. Masha'Allah...
  17. JudgeJoeGorilla

    As Somalis, How Do You Feel About Pan Africanism?

    I know you are for Somalis first, but how do you feel about the continent as a whole and Pan-Africanism? I'm more of a Centrist Pan Africanist where Indo hate other ethnic groups, but I'd like to see the whole continent thrive.
  18. Internet Nomad

    Can you name things you like about Somali people and Somaliweyn

    This thread is meant boost morale on this forum and bring us together to embrace our somalinimo. What i love about Somalia is our long coastline. Somalia’s coastline stretches 3,025 km and is shaped like the number 7. The coastline lies next to the Indian Ocean to the east while the Gulf of...
  19. M

    My Ancient Ancestral DNA