1. Captain Hoyada

    Cunsurinuno at highest level

  2. CaliTedesse

    Noble Arab ( bless his soul) donates to Somali teacher and family

    Allah SWT bless his soul man amiin
  3. U


    I recently came across these 3 Somali Youtubers and they seem to promote spreading awareness for some issues but also keep their funny content. i feel like we need more Youtubers that try to spread awareness and knowledge and not just make baseless content
  4. Farahslayer

    Can someone translate these Somali phrases to me in English

    Being as I’m new to Sspot I don’t know all the lingo but I thought I understood most Somali. Some of the phrases written on this board baffled me. Mhmm waaxaad dilmu alahu tag daya oo bola muu muu fela Jira haassa mane galburo iyo halmac diftura wandan Aniga kataladu borre yahay This isn’t...
  5. Captain Hoyada

    Somali Warrior habesh then karbaash afghan

    Geejire blood runs through him he saves the habeshit
  6. O

    Why do I see so many Somalis online saying they have a relative with blue/green eyes?

    I have seen so many Somalis online saying they have a relative who has colored eyes: blue, green, gray. Even though I have never seen a Somali in real life make that claim back home or abroad. I have seen a Somali girl with light brown eyes, she was my classmate. I once also saw a middle aged...
  7. P

    Insolent British Somali girl berates her entire family

    She even berates her old man. He probably walked out on her and went home for a young pretty 18 year old wife. She is even more white washed than me. She never even left her habo out.
  8. CaliTedesse

    I'm tired of this shit

    Bro wallahi f*ck these FOB rappers man. Recently went on YouTube to search this King Araash maggot after @BetterDaysAhead thread Then it reminded me again the reason why I hate Somalis man Those girly ***s Lil Baliil and Qare the Mask make that negga King Araash look decent wallahi Wallahi...
  9. Genesis

    Somali wedding gets shot up in Canada!!

    I've never heard of a wedding ever being shot up before, these guys are crazy :mindblown: Our resident Canadians @Shmurda @The Good, can you explain what has happened here?
  10. Queen_Zamzam

    How do Somali people perceive Half-Somalis

    I always wondered what Somali people think of Half-Somalis like me. I’m half Somali and Half Middle Eastern. I’ve only been to Somali once in my lifetime when I was 2 months old and I spent most of my life In the U.S and I sometimes visited my dad’s family in the Gulf. I already know they don’t...
  11. lalayariis

    Somali Spot || Official Shade Room

    Hello, I’m your daily reporter Lalayariis. Submit scandals and drama on this site and it’ll be reported within this thread. Stay tuned! :yousmart: :rejoice:
  12. lalayariis

    Somali Men Are....

  13. CaliTedesse

    Just want to take this time to say

    I love my Somali people. Wallahi. No matter what happens. In the long run you always see, it's Somalis who are there to support you no matter what. One of the most funniest people to be around, most lovable people, sometimes harsh and annoying, but it's all worth it. Wallahi would the Lord give...
  14. tyrannicalmanager

    somali owned oil company start construction on the tallest building in africa

    while we're destroying our home country we're enriching foreign ones.:francis:
  15. Medulla

    Somali Ed Sheeran from Regent Park showing us how to make bangers

    Have being listening to this on repeat this wholeee week @Furioso @Shmurda
  16. Odkac WRLD

    Support a Somali Artist

    Go run up my soundcloud I just dropped some heat ! undoubtedly, there will be haters please leave any constructive criticism for me to get better at my craft all input is greatly appreciated*****-in-my-basement-remix-to-juice-wrld-ill-be-fine Remember all...
  17. Cam

    Somali's in Eastern Ethiopia dying from a mystery illness potentially linked to oil exploration

    At first, 23-year-old Khadar Abdi Abdullahi’s eyes began turning yellow. Then the palms of his hands did the same. Soon he was bleeding from his nose, and from his mouth, and his body was swelling all over. Eventually he collapsed with fever. He later died. A deadly sickness is spreading...
  18. Prince Abubu

    Sada Mire's Book 'Divine Fertility' has been published

    Divine Fertility: The Continuity in Transformation of an Ideology of Sacred Kinship in Northeast Africa (UCL Institute of Archaeology Publications) This book uniquely explores the impact of indigenous ideology and thought on everyday life in Northeast Africa. Furthermore, in highlighting the...
  19. Odkac WRLD

    A dead rapper is gonna get me laid

    You may or may not know this but the perfect qalanjo at my uni added me a week ago. now I have a certain policy with xalimos, but she’s too perfect to pass up :banderas: she got thick futo which imma make thicker :pachah1: and wide hips meant for child rearing I may End up wifing her if she...