1. M

    The Most Somali Looking Maasai

    I didn't know maasais could look like this. :ohhh:
  2. W

    Sea animals in Somali

    Came across this list of marine life in Somali, names of different kindes of fish, sharks etc. The list starts at slide 24.
  3. U

    New Somali-themed novel

  4. F

    War on men -> Sperm Counts Continue to Fall

    Scientists are coming to a consensus that men in America and Europe are experiencing a worsening decrease in fertility. Certain chemicals are turning man into gay...
  5. M

    Is This True?

    These people descend from Somalis? I've never heard about any interaction between Somalis and Madagascans. Antemoro people
  6. 486th President

    TRIGGER WARNING Somali VS Ethiopians explained?

    Can someone explain the hate? From my experience they’ve been quite chill I’ve played ball with a lot of them as well... Is it just history? I understand on hating the Ethiopian military or government, but the people in Ethiopia and the Diaspora aren’t that bad Is it all propaganda? E X P L A...
  7. piracy


    I've been wondering. does af Maay Maay have less loan words than Maxa Tiri. I've noticed that Maay Maay doesn't have the letters X, C, KH. also correct me if I'm wrong but all KH words are loan words right.
  8. piracy


    I have to say this. We have to change our country's name. It is so annoying how some random white person can say he is somali if he is born there, and all the ethnic minorities claiming they somali making non somali's think we look like Ayrabs and Sheeiit. :tacky: Gotta change our name. We gotta...
  9. piracy


    Does anyone speak af maymay. If anyone here speaks af maymay can you give some words that are different to af maxa tiri and their meanings
  10. piracy


    I wonder what is the purest somali dialect, meaning the least loan words. I would guess the purest would be the reer mudug dialect
  11. XawaadleMohamed

    Somalia Summer 2021!?

    Hey imagine if all the diaspora from US, UK, Australia, Scandinavia etc all linked up in Somalia (Mogadishu, Hargeisa etc...) once this pandemics over or even during it because I'm this close to booking a flight to Somalia instead of spending years in my man cave reading forums tbh I can...
  12. 486th President

    Was He Wrong Cuz I See No Lies

    He ain’t wrong,.,,, at all
  13. Boogie

    Ana arab?????

    Yemen awoowe related to the prophet PBUH come to somalia then mix with the native women for generations boom
  14. P

    Afars have higher amount of haplogroup J than Somalis and Tigrayans ???

    How is that Afars(33%) have the highest amount of haplogroup J in the horn after the Amharas(35%)? Shouldn't it be Tigrayans>Amharas>Afar? And why do somalis basically have none?
  15. Boogie

    I want to learn af somali better

    Any things I should do Also what is this sub sub clan people Omar maxamud