1. JackieBurkhart

    I just found this website.......

    @backgroundISneeded, what do you think? It seems like a good website page for Somali words, but I wanted your opinion. *If you click on the Somali word, it provides an example of the correct pronunciation.
  2. King Khufu

    How accurate are these videos? [Bahasa Thread]

    These are Edutainment Language Videos by Langfocus on the Bahasa Languages. Any linguists in the house can verify accuracy and authenticity?
  3. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    What Somali words/phrases do you wish you had in the lang(s) you speak?

    If you ask me here are my favs: Yaa (say it again) Hee (answer to a call like ''Hey, Warfaa!'') Heedhe (literally means ''say ''Hee'' for me'', when you are about to start telling an interesting story, the person goes ''Hee'' and you tell him the story like ''War heedhe ninkii isaga ahaa...)...
  4. Manafesto

    Egyptian women Receives a doctorate or PhD in Somali language & Grammer studies yet her Somali is trash!!

    1:45 Wow, I would have asked for a refund, her Somali is trash and has not one but many grammatical erorrs in her short speach, I have seen plenty of many so called Somali language experts in the the west or the east and so far no one comes close to being as good and sound native like that...
  5. Hazy24

    Oromo and Somali are similar?

    This video is of a borana oromo woman’s song her dialect of oromo seems abit more similar to Somali than I would have thought someone in the comments also said it sounds like garre but I’m not too sure also borana live near the nfd of Kenya
  6. alien


    I've been wondering. does af Maay Maay have less loan words than Maxa Tiri. I've noticed that Maay Maay doesn't have the letters X, C, KH. also correct me if I'm wrong but all KH words are loan words right.
  7. alien


    I wonder what is the purest somali dialect, meaning the least loan words. I would guess the purest would be the reer mudug dialect
  8. Guts

    Let's invent somali words for foreign loan words.

    Post every loan word we use in somali so we can invent a new somali word for it. Inshallah we shall make our tongue 100% somali once again.
  9. Farahslayer

    Can someone translate these Somali phrases to me in English

    Being as I’m new to Sspot I don’t know all the lingo but I thought I understood most Somali. Some of the phrases written on this board baffled me. Mhmm waaxaad dilmu alahu tag daya oo bola muu muu fela Jira haassa mane galburo iyo halmac diftura wandan Aniga kataladu borre yahay This isn’t...
  10. Medulla

    Language Census 2020

    What languages can you guys speak at a native or fluent level! Write the language down and the level you are on. Keen to see how many languages we have on this forum
  11. Invader

    What Dialect Do You Speak In?

    Sorry guys but I think that there is a sub-group in the Northen Somali Dialect which is the Djiboutian Dialect which has been influenced by Yemenis,Afars and the French. Vote on your Dialect I wanna see which one is the most used in Somali Spot Western Diaspora Somali is basically a Somali...
  12. Prince Abubu

    Orang Asli

    There are a few indigenous groups in Malaysia and Indonesia. Orang Asli The most interesting group are the Negritos. They speak a Mon-Khmer language related to Cambodian and Vietnamese, yet they look like a mix of Africans and Papuans. Strange.
  13. Ramen

    Did you try to learn a new language when you were younger?

    I tried learning japanese when i was about 12 years old. I learned the alphabet in like 40 minutes (katakana iyo hiragana) (it reminded me of arabic because of the small dots on the hiragana characters). I wanted to become an exchange student in Japan and decided to learn the language at a young...
  14. Ramen

    Why wont somalis learn the language?

    Where i live (Sweden) is filled with Somalis who have been living in the country for 20+ years but still can't speak a sentence in Swedish. Why is that so? when they first came to the country they went to a school called SFi (swedish for immigrants) and studied the language but noooooo. I also...
  15. Prince Abubu

    Should Afro-Asiatic be disbanded?

    I find the languages so disparate that they no longer bear any relationship with one another. Compare Somali and Hebrew, for instance. They share no grammatical or etymological link whatsoever. Indonesian and Tagalog or Spanish and Hindi have more connection. Even if AA is a legitimate grouping...
  16. Prince Abubu

    Cushitic name change

    The name Cushitic is offensive as it is a racial slur in af-yahuudi. I propose the language group changes it's name to Erythrean or Puntic.
  17. Prince Abubu

    Really Interesting Paper On Afro-Asiatic Language Grouping

    On the subgrouping of Afroasiatic - Carsten Peust 2012
  18. Silky

    No such thing as Somalilander

    "Somalilanders" should change their current demonym cos that is clunky, inelegant and difficult to say. It should be somali because that is what the people are and is what they speak. Somalis of Somalia don't own the name just as they dont own the language or ethinicity It's like ROK and DPRK...
  19. darklight

    do you speak somali with your siblings?

    I don't. my friends don't either. if you do, is it because of your parents enforcing the "somali at home english at school" rule?
  20. U

    Somali Speaking Somali

    If he puts in effort and/ visits another time for a bit longer he will probably be perfect but seems like he may have been impacted by negative comments from Somali people. Good comment: