What Somali words/phrases do you wish you had in the lang(s) you speak?

If you ask me here are my favs:
Yaa (say it again)
Hee (answer to a call like ''Hey, Warfaa!'')
Heedhe (literally means ''say ''Hee'' for me'', when you are about to start telling an interesting story, the person goes ''Hee'' and you tell him the story like ''War heedhe ninkii isaga ahaa...)
Haaye (from ''Haa ee'', used as a conjuction or when you're stuck and don't what to say about something said you feel is half/almost right but you still need to make some changes about it, you say ''Haaye laakiin...'', ''Alright, but..'')
Inyoow (while shrinking and lifting your shoulders up, used as a disapproval remark, ''Give me a candy'' someone say and you say ''inyoow'')
Mac (also Mac-sonkor, by rolling your forefinger on your cheek, you use it when expressing that you're ironically happy that someone bad but not damaging happened to a close friend or brother/sister, you go ''Mac sonkor, caleen shaah!'', as your sibling breaks his pencil by accident)
War (sentence/speech starter/initiative mostly percieved as an aggressive. ''War waan sii baxayaa'', ''I'm going'')
Dee (adds a bit of aggressiveness to your speech, like ''Ok, go and do it then dee'', ''I saw it dee'')
Waryaa/waryaahee (when getting the attention of a friend or of a brother/someone younger than you in age)
Car (I dare you!)
Wir (pretty the much the same as ''Car'')
Kir (when a brother says to a sister ''Will you do my laundry?'' she says ''Kir'' in disapproval)
Yur (close to ''Kir'' in meaning but mostly used for animal, like when a goat tries to eat your dish and you take it away from it and say ''Yur'' to the animal)
Jac (I don't know how to explain this but it feels natural and sensible to me, someone please explain it)
Yac (same as jac)
Hus (when someone tells or demands from you something you don't wish to hear or give away, like ''Give me a dollar'' and you say ''War hus, inyoow, i dhaaf, kuma siinayo'')
Yaahuu (when someone curses you, like ''I hope you don't pass your exams'', you say ''Yaahuu'' and move on , it's like a shield and enhances your morale as thou you've changed his cursing into a dua)
Shaw/Show (synonym of ''illeen'', like when you get some fresh news that you weren't expecting, ''Show wuu tegey'', ''I didn't know but/that he went''!)
Naw (exclamatory!)
Kaw (exclamatory!)
Agah (exclamatory!)
Wah (exclamatory!)
Alla (exclamatory!)
Qad (qadqad....qad) (exclamatory!)
Joh (johjoh....joh) (exclamatory!)
Habantariira (high-level exclamatory in Bari!)
Habeloow (when you trying to get the attention of someone you don't know their name, ''Heblaayooy'' for female)
Keeroow (same as ''Hebeloow'' but a bit disrespectful, ''Teereey'' for female)
Kulahaa (So well-known I guess)
Ku ye (same as kulahaa but male exclusive, ''ku te'' for female)
Aa (exclamatory! like when someone tells you something and you find it a bit strange and want to make sure you didn't hear it wrong and you repeat exactly what he said word by word but as a question remark by putting an ''aa'' at the end of his sentence, like ''Waan baxay aa'' after he said ''Waan baxay'', in English you go like this ''You went out''? basically it's like you're telling him that he went out but the pitch change makes it interrogatory'', but in the Somali case the term ''aa'' makes it a question sentence, and there's an intonation change in Somali as well throughout the whole sentence)
Ba'ay (I'm doomed)

What some other words/phrases do you know that you think I missed or don't know?.
Which one's your all-time favourite?.
Write them down, please!

Disclaimer: I didn't review this thread sorry for any typo guys!