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  1. CaliTedesse

    Any Somali brother mastered the art of 360 waves?

    I'm trying to master the art of 360 waves, but I was wondering is it possible with my curly hair texture. Anyone tried it before? Imagine rocking 360 waves as an Afro-Arab, becoming the true pinnacle of manliness. With my 8 incher and muscular physique, Al Arab women would kneel for me, Al...
  2. L

    Epic niqabi brawl- Saudi style

    This crazy ***** dropped her kid like 3 times. La xawla :faysalwtf: Barbaric behavior!
  3. Zach

    Arab, African or Arab-African?

    So i found this video, i don't know if thread about this was alredy made.
  4. Nasiib Gaashaan Cade

    Somalis back home blindly loves Arabs

    Somalis back home are victims of brainwashing wlhi. Tonight i was added in a fb group call, where most of them were in Somalia. They talking about diinta and then one of them started asking Islamic questions, but it turned to be praising Arabic history. I was so pissed off of how they no too...
  5. Prince Abubu

    Next Level Arab-begging

    I'm cringing so hard I've become a black hole from the density.
  6. I

    UAE still supporting al shabaab through charcoal trade.

    https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/Comment/2018/3/5/UAE-still-supports-al-Shabaab-through-Somalias-illicit-charcoal-trade We need to leave the arab league :kanyehmm: These hairy fucks are on a full scale war against farmajo. 500 mogadishians died that day, all because farmajo didn't support...
  7. Aden

    Ethiopian Slaves in Lebanon

    Dutch daily newspaper https://www.volkskrant.nl/buitenland/slaven-houden-mag-in-libanon-zolang-je-maar-zorgt-dat-ze-niet-weglopen~a4556747/?hash=9cd4793417caf5e5604b22afe8c6a11e08bf371e Een echte, uit Ethiopië. Nog geen 20 jaar, vers uit Afrika geïmporteerd. Direct na aankomst op het vliegveld...
  8. Aden

    Somali Twitter Vs Palestinians Twitter

  9. Aden

    Saudi Arabia Deports Somalis to Mogadishu

  10. Aden

    Somali vs racist Arabs

  11. Jodeci

    Shocking: Palestinian serial killer in America exclusively targeted Black people for murder

    But "We wuz arab" :mjlol: But "Free Palestine" :mjlol: He's a Christian Arab from Palestine, who lived in Israel before going to America, soon as he gets to America he kills all the black people he can find. Mugshot of Elias Abuelazam after his arrest for a misdemeanor assault warrant in...
  12. Jodeci

    Exposed: How Arab insitutions in North America, claim Somali populations as Arab for Funding

    Another expose by Jodeci :mjswag: I am here to expose how Arab Institutions and Organizations in North America, Point 1.Claim the Somali population as Arab, do not provide any services to the Somali community at all, but use our population numbers to get money for their causes only Point...
  13. ethan bradberry

    Why do some Somalis claim to not be Arabs?

    it always confused me when Somalis claim to not be Arab. A lot of us speak Arabic, We're even part of the Arab league and we are clearly mixed with Arabs (which explains are Caucasian features). Heck our language has a lot of Arabic words. The only question is why do Somalis not want to be...
  14. ethan bradberry

    Somali coon

  15. Steamdevolopment

    Gulf-crisis 2.0: Qatari pilgrims barred from entering Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.

    Saudi authorities have prevented Qatari nationals from entering the Grand Mosque in Mecca, marking a sharp escalation in the Gulf diplomatic crisis, Doha-based Al Sharq newspaper has reported. Source...
  16. Prince Abubu

    I don't understand...

    ...why Somalia is in the Arab League? I met an Eritrean family the other day and they started speaking to me in Arabic. I didn't know they were xabashi, I assumed they were Sudani. It got me thinking, why is Somalia considered an Arab country when we have our own language and customs and the...
  17. Prince Abubu

    So...this happened

    Arab guy: Takalam carabi? Me: No. Arab guy: So you aren't Muslim? Me: Arab guy: I thought you were Sumaali? Me: I am. Arab Guy: So why you no speak Arabic?:dwill: Me: Because I speak Somali. Somalis don't speak Arabic.:drakewtf: Arab guy: I heard Somalis speak hundreds of languages in your...