1. K

    On the Quraysh

    Islamic cultures have historically almost always venerated the Arabs over others - in nearly every Islamic nation in the world, one can find a variety of peoples claiming heritage from some semi-mythical Arab ancestor, the veracity of which is often disputed at best and oftentimes an outright...
  2. Mek Nimr al-Ja'ali

    I've scoped out a 2nd wife

    My genetics are too good to be used on only one wife, I must strengthen the Ja'aliya by spreading my blood far and wide. I thank God everyday I was born Sudani
  3. Al hashimi


    I believe somalia should undergo some arabisation Somali should be written in arabic and Arabic should be taught and will be on tv channels so the language is extremely common The flag should also be a mix of somaliland and somali so there is arab and cushitic element Somali qabiils should do...
  4. Hybrid()

    What's the verdict on xalimos from the middle east

    How are they compared to the ones from back home ? Some of the stereotypes I heard about them are that they can be emotionally needy or they are freaky. There's a family friend from Saudi Arabia and I like her personality. She's feminine, friendly and dresses more liberal. She showed me pics of...
  5. Boogie

    The rise and fall of the akh right movement Early 2020

    The movement started with the number one Arab lover @Cyrus and he recruited many people into thinking they are a dhuxul Arab I reversed imaged search his old pfp and it gave me a link to top 10 things to know about Arab private part The Empire started gaining more traction and was the most...
  6. The Somali Caesar

    Lebanese are lowkey racist

    A female Lebanese journalist (Nidal Al Ahmadieh) who by the way looks like she had terrible plastic surgery, who has said and I quote: “Lebanese are very clean, I don’t know if the refugees are clean” :dead: The funny thing is she’s an Arab and the “dirty refugees” she’s referring to are...
  7. Boogie

    Ana arab?????

    Yemen awoowe related to the prophet PBUH come to somalia then mix with the native women for generations boom
  8. Marshall D Abdi

    Arab men grabs big booty bashir

  9. K

    Yemeni Beauty Appreciation Thread

    After Seeing Balqees Fathi, Yemeni Beauty might surpass’s Sudanese now.
  10. CaliTedesse

    Noble Arab ( bless his soul) donates to Somali teacher and family

    Allah SWT bless his soul man amiin
  11. Queen_Zamzam

    How do Somali people perceive Half-Somalis

    I always wondered what Somali people think of Half-Somalis like me. I’m half Somali and Half Middle Eastern. I’ve only been to Somali once in my lifetime when I was 2 months old and I spent most of my life In the U.S and I sometimes visited my dad’s family in the Gulf. I already know they don’t...
  12. madaxweyne

    arab youtuber who said somalis are slaves has apologized and admitted it was a mistake

    :mjlaugh:and now he offered an explanation and has left a disclaimer comment where he admitted he made a mistake and now "claims" he meant Somali bantus and not ethnic somalis this all started on discord where the Somalis caught him out, he got scared and decided to leave a message on his...
  13. CaliTedesse

    Bashar the Lion of the Middle East

    Wallahi billahi he is a true leader that stood by his country in the most dire situations. While other fake leaders fled during a rebellion he is still in the capital and has regained control of his country against enemies of the state. He has proven to many opposed to him that he is their...
  14. Abdisamad

    Arab league warns Turkey over Syria agression

    Erdogans reaction
  15. CaliTedesse

    I am Soomaal not a Somali - Poem

    I am a Soomaal not a Somali Because a Somaali is to be a baaldi I am so noble I am Soomaal I am so dirty I am a Somali I am so gob I am a Soomaal I am so gun I am a Somali Famine, war, Soo~maa~li Prosperity, peace, Soo~maal That was my short poem I hope you liked it guys Want more poems...
  16. CaliTedesse

    The fake entity called Amazigh (Berber nationalism)

    The man behind the Amazigh flag and nationalism. The whole ideology was invented by this man along with many Kabyle Berber Algerian Christian academics. So this stupid gay pride flag has never existed in the history of the Berbers, neither has a unified Berber state ever existed. Now on to...
  17. Cityviews

    BEENTA ADUUNKA: Arab Shaykh says its HARAM for Somalis to leave SOMALIA

    In this video, a Canadian Arab Sheikh shows his ignorance by declaring it is against Islam for a Somali to escape poverty/earn Independence by going to Canada for a limited amount of time. But he lives in Canada and makes a living, and supports syrian refugees
  18. Cityviews

    Wikileaks: Arab Ambassador to Somalia declaring all Somalis are liars

  19. CaliTedesse

    I never cry about these labels

    Arab or Black. As Somalis I know we are our own group as most of you believe, but wallahi billahi I never complain when people say I am Black or Arab. I use that stuff to my advantage. Turn it around and use it in your advantage guys. Some of you seem so emotional about it. Relax a bit there is...
  20. AIOPZ

    Why do Somalis hate Arabs so much?

    They're your Muslim brothers, chill. I've noticed on this site that there's a lot of anti-Arab resentment amongst Somalis. Y'all can't talk shit about Arabs until you guys manage to pull this off. Nayal Nassar, an Egyptian man in a long-time relationship with Jennifer Gates, the daughter...