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  1. CaliTedesse

    Bashar the Lion of the Middle East

    Wallahi billahi he is a true leader that stood by his country in the most dire situations. While other fake leaders fled during a rebellion he is still in the capital and has regained control of his country against enemies of the state. He has proven to many opposed to him that he is their...
  2. Abdisamad3

    Arab league warns Turkey over Syria agression

    Erdogans reaction https://hiiraan.com/news4/2019/Oct/165805/arab_league_warns_turkey_over_syrian_aggression.aspx
  3. CaliTedesse

    I am Soomaal not a Somali - Poem

    I am a Soomaal not a Somali Because a Somaali is to be a baaldi I am so noble I am Soomaal I am so dirty I am a Somali I am so gob I am a Soomaal I am so gun I am a Somali Famine, war, Soo~maa~li Prosperity, peace, Soo~maal That was my short poem I hope you liked it guys Want more poems...
  4. CaliTedesse

    Shining light on the history of the progenitor Samaale

    I will shine light on the history of Samaale. The originator of many Somali's, the source of the name Somali. Who was a noble Arab man. Are you ready? First I want you to grab a koob of shaah and relax. Now behold: You must be wondering what is all this ARABIC GIBBERISH? Tranquillo mi...
  5. CaliTedesse

    The fake entity called Amazigh (Berber nationalism)

    The man behind the Amazigh flag and nationalism. The whole ideology was invented by this man along with many Kabyle Berber Algerian Christian academics. So this stupid gay pride flag has never existed in the history of the Berbers, neither has a unified Berber state ever existed. Now on to...
  6. Cityviews

    BEENTA ADUUNKA: Arab Shaykh says its HARAM for Somalis to leave SOMALIA

    In this video, a Canadian Arab Sheikh shows his ignorance by declaring it is against Islam for a Somali to escape poverty/earn Independence by going to Canada for a limited amount of time. But he lives in Canada and makes a living, and supports syrian refugees
  7. CaliTedesse

    I never cry about these labels

    Arab or Black. As Somalis I know we are our own group as most of you believe, but wallahi billahi I never complain when people say I am Black or Arab. I use that stuff to my advantage. Turn it around and use it in your advantage guys. Some of you seem so emotional about it. Relax a bit there is...
  8. AIOPZ

    Why do Somalis hate Arabs so much?

    They're your Muslim brothers, chill. I've noticed on this site that there's a lot of anti-Arab resentment amongst Somalis. Y'all can't talk shit about Arabs until you guys manage to pull this off. Nayal Nassar, an Egyptian man in a long-time relationship with Jennifer Gates, the daughter...
  9. CaliTedesse

    Habesha are a South Arabian tribe

    It is the truth
  10. CaliTedesse

    Trust me Syria will recover faster than Somalia

    Let's bet on it guys. I have a strong feeling in the coming years Syria will be more stable than Somalia. Sudan president visit to Syria shows Assad survived crisis Win for Assad: UAE reopens Syria Embassy
  11. Bilal410

    Gulf Arabs hiring trolls and propaganda firms to attack Ilhan Omar

    https://hiiraan.com/comments/comments7.aspx?fname=saudi_arabia_declares_war_on_america_s_muslim_congresswomen&month=Dec&year=2018&id=161491 Its not just Ilhan but also the Muslim demsthat got elected to the US house.
  12. SLMan990

    Gulf Arabs are hating hard on Ilhan Omar

    This sand monkey said her real country is Somalia. Dude mad cuz she has a superior basboor kkkk
  13. CaliTedesse

    Arabic conversations: Learning thread

    Guys I opened this thread in the hopes we could learn each other more Arabic. Since the admins don't think a learning section is good. Also when will the Somali section be done? This thread will serve as a platform to learn each other Arabic as Somali's. I would like to add that if you want to...
  14. H

    Who here is half Arab half Somali (no trolls.) Most mixed somalis are normally half white.

    Any of y'all half: Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Bahraini, Imani, Yemeni (legit Yemeni, straight from Yemen), Iraqi, Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Libyan etc My father is from Northern Yemen. My mom is Somali.
  15. Kratos

    How did you guys discover your Cushitic master race heritage?

    And what did it feel like? I remember for most of my life I identified as black/African. I had heaps of African friends, was very pan-african, listened to hip-hop, identified with the struggles of black slave descendants. Then one day my grandmother said some racist shit about Africans and I...
  16. CaliTedesse

    Any Somali brother mastered the art of 360 waves?

    I'm trying to master the art of 360 waves, but I was wondering is it possible with my curly hair texture. Anyone tried it before? Imagine rocking 360 waves as an Afro-Arab, becoming the true pinnacle of manliness. With my 8 incher and muscular physique, Al Arab women would kneel for me, Al...
  17. L

    Epic niqabi brawl- Saudi style

    This crazy bitch dropped her kid like 3 times. La xawla :faysalwtf: Barbaric behavior!
  18. Zach

    Arab, African or Arab-African?

    So i found this video, i don't know if thread about this was alredy made.
  19. Nasiib Gaashaan Cade

    Somalis back home blindly loves Arabs

    Somalis back home are victims of brainwashing wlhi. Tonight i was added in a fb group call, where most of them were in Somalia. They talking about diinta and then one of them started asking Islamic questions, but it turned to be praising Arabic history. I was so pissed off of how they no too...