1. The Somali Caesar

    Men don't have a safe space to open up

  2. Mek Nimr al-Ja'ali

    Men should take more pride in looking handsome

    How is it that much of the Horner community nowadays sees a man taking pride and care for their appearance as being lesser or effeminate for doing so? The popularity of buzzcuts, prevalence of men who seem to have a phobia of shaving yet are unable to grow any sort of respectable looking facial...
  3. O

    Do women on here actually think men don't respect housewives?

    I just decided to type in "somali" on youtube to see if anything was up about somalia news wise. The first thing that popped up was this vid but I cannot be asked to watch it. I don't want to risk the potential second hand embarrassment I could potentially get so you guys can check it out...
  4. O

    Fulani men

    Ladies at my school there’s these Fulani boys. Omg they’re so handsome (blush) they kinda look mali. Did any of you dated or been with them before??
  5. F

    War on men -> Sperm Counts Continue to Fall

    Scientists are coming to a consensus that men in America and Europe are experiencing a worsening decrease in fertility. Certain chemicals are turning man into gay...
  6. Boogie

    We need to lock man cave for men

    What are these xalimos doing in this section it says man not woman so go to woman den Xalimos entering the man cave
  7. Bossanova

    Things That Invalidate A Man: (Users List)

    I’ll go first. A man who can’t drive is fucking useless. :sass2:
  8. B-is-the-code

    Mi casa su casa..(a true story)

    This should be the slogan of the somalis... 2 years ago, i was in the airport(midnight) came from another neighboring country, a somali girl aged 25yo walked towards me, asked me if i can help her? She told me, that she is going to another city(500km away) and missed her flight, she was very...
  9. CaliTedesse

    Guys which ladies are you most attracted too

    I mean of which background.
  10. Ramen

    How are rape victims treated in Somalia?

    How are rape victims treated in Somalia?. I heard about women in Somalia getting raped by somali men (even though theyre covered up) back home. Can someone explain what happens to the victim and the rapist? Do people see the victim as a used woman? Do people blame the victim? Does the...
  11. Yungmulababy23

    Somali guys are the most chill men on earth

    The majority of somali niggas I know are chill even me I'm super chill. Very easy going men compared to others, other african men have a short fuse and get angry to easily. Its very rare to see a somali men abuse their wife, its usually the wife nagging while the husband is calm. Every job I had...
  12. Ramen

    How are intersexual people treated in Somalia?

    How are they treated? do they wear the hijab? do they get to choose their gender?
  13. Ramen

    Why wont somalis learn the language?

    Where i live (Sweden) is filled with Somalis who have been living in the country for 20+ years but still can't speak a sentence in Swedish. Why is that so? when they first came to the country they went to a school called SFi (swedish for immigrants) and studied the language but noooooo. I also...
  14. Ramen

    What is wrong with Somali kids?

    Wallahi its so fucking embarrassing to sit in the same bus as these loud wild somali kids. What are these somali mothers doing? chatting shit about other somali kids in the neighborhood? are they busy producing children? What are these somali fathers doing? busy producing offspring with their 4...
  15. Ramen

    Underage marriage in Somalia

    My retarded cousin from baadiyo(my somali sucks) who was about 14 decided to run away from home to be with her boyfriend. The thing is... her bf was about 22 at that time. My cousin went back to her mother and told her that she wanted to marry her bf. They got married. Is this actually...
  16. Zach

    Somali and Indian a thing????

    i just found this guy on iG and he is Somali/Indian. Yes , I like looking for weird mixed Somali. Does anyone know him?
  17. Zach

    Mistreatment of Somali men

    I am waiting for one person here. #isoverparty
  18. Buraanbur911

    Ever since joining forums I realised...

    Men can be really emotional especially somalis. Their mental health is always disregarded which justifies why they have a significantly higher suicide rate. “Globally, death by suicide occurred about 1.8 times more often among males than among females in 2008, and 1.7 times in 2015. In the...
  19. Ahmed Alawi

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says many men have become perfect, but only two women

    This glorious hadith debunks feminism Muhammad believes in the moral superiority of men Muhammad says that there are many men, obviously too long a list for Muhammad to convey, who have reached perfection, but only two women have. Despite all the wars and violence men have caused, men are...
  20. Jodeci

    How Can Somali Men Succeed?

    Let's be honest Somali men are failing worldwide ( on all the continents they reside) and like any problem in our community a Somali women has to fix it.:mjlol:Plus while they make us look bad, the entire community has to suffer :farmajoyaab:. Because those idiots fly out to Syria I get...