1. soomaa

    I spent my whole life despising Somali girls who marry ajnabis. Now my own sister is marrying one

    Before you ask for my gender, thats irrelevant. The rise of ajanbi marriages in the Somali diaspora community is an epidemic that I never imagined would bring its wrath on my own family. Now I have to live with the real threat of having an ajnabi fathered child as my nephew
  2. strawberrii


    Everyone here is obsessed with marriage and sex. Marry this, marry that. K***i this, k***i that. Waa ramadan, illahi ka baq
  3. Helios

    SSPOT Marry/Kill/Adopt

    Simple, who are you going to marry? who will you kill? and who will you adopt??? I'd obviously marry @Saredo @Samaalic Era is going to get sprayed before he can get his hands on a poor cousin And I will adopt @Basra as my child
  4. Sambuus


    If you don’t want to marry the person from your ethnicity or date them is it self-hating?
  5. Odkac WRLD

    My Treatise on Polygamy in the Somali Community

    I’ve noticed the majority of Somali men are ok with polygamy, yet the overwhelming majority of woman are vehemently against it.... the men getting multiple wives these days are mostly wastemen. If you can barely afford one family why get a second, other than for sex? I believe polygamy should...
  6. Odkac WRLD

    Farax nation so gala

    What race of women are you most attracted to. What nationally would you want to get with or even marry?
  7. Nostalgia

    Moving in with the in-laws after getting married...

    I know in some cultures it's seen as caadi, for the lady to move in with her in-laws to either live permanently or for a few months until the couple are economically stable. My question is would you be willing to move in with your in-laws?
  8. The Smooth-Operator

    Quick question for the ladies

    Imagine you are a career woman, with a high degree and have been working your ass off. Without noticing the years have been passing by and you now find yourself in this situation or shall I say at an age where your eggs are about to expire, the curve is declining by the month and the clock is...
  9. Medulla

    Would you use a Somali Dating App?

    Similar to Tinder and Muzmatch a app catered towards Somali's in the diaspora. For those of you too tribalist to marry out , there will be a premium user option for 4.99 a month where you can see the person's qabiil before matching. More features to come let me know what you think
  10. Odkac WRLD

    This is how it should be DONE!

    Like many Somali young folks, I’ve been to a shit ton of weddings. majority of them are in huge Venues, costing groom tens of thousands. Singers, food, and hosting so many is a strain financially to start the marriage. I was at a wedding last week. Very small and personal, with groom and bride...
  11. Odkac WRLD

    Debunking widespread myth in Somali community

    People are actually promoting the idea that a woman over 25 is spoiled milk :damn: WTF I understand 30s but 25 is two to three years out of uni :drakelaugh: tf is going on? Personally I’d be willing to consider a woman anywhere from 2 years younger to 8 years older got a nice 10 year window...
  12. Odkac WRLD

    “ I want faraxs to die “ twitter girl speaking facts??

    This is the weird girl who wanted faracs die, and while she is A certified retard (who likely had her nudes leaked by some geeljire :damn:) One of her tweets perked my interest. I don’t know if you noticed, but the trend of younger Somali kids getting married in the west has skyrocketed. Which...
  13. Saintly

    Marriage statistics among the Diaspora?

    I've been wondering, do we have any statistics among the Somali Diasporas as to how many Somali men and women marry out? I do see quite a lot of interracial Somali couples, online and IRL. Obviously, the majority of Somalis will intermarry, and I do expect more Somali women to marry out than...
  14. Odkac WRLD

    My Cousins Marriage Prospects ( not what you think)

    So my cuzzo, my old role model, the big bro is preparing to ask for this girls hand by meeting her dad. Real traditional. He works for a pretty well know tech company and makes serious $$$. We in Cali and the girl is UK so he gonna grab some of us his abtis in the area and talk to the dad...
  15. Odkac WRLD

    Costs and components of a traditional Somali wedding in the west.

    I am not very informed on my culture to my shame, but I was wondering if you guys could break down what happens during a Somali wedding, what you need, and the costs.
  16. Odkac WRLD

    At what age do you think a man should marry?

    We talk about women’s age in marriage often, but when should a man start his family? personally I think as soon as it is financially feasible as I personally would not want to be 40 with an infant I wanna always be involved in family life. I am interested in hearing SSpot’s thoughts on this...
  17. L

    20 year old female and not allowed to travel!!

    I'm in a tough predicament. My parents have always been fairly lenient on me and I've never given them a reason to doubt me. I am a full-time uni student and work full-time as well. But my mom refuses for me to go overseas, even countries where I have IMMEDIATE family. They tried to use the...
  18. IftiinOfLife

    What I find attractive in a person, what makes a successful relationship?

    I know relationship topics are boring as fuck, but I feel this can help Somalis who are delving into the world of romance. I operate on a three tier system, and I hope you all too. Looks:Attractiveness, do I wanna smash you? :lolbron: Personality: Do we resonate with each other? Do our values...
  19. CaliTedesse

    I need to get me revert

    Was bored at work so chatted with 2 Pakistani brothers at work. Was really curious suddenly about marriage so asked them how much they paid for meher. Them niggas telling me ,one signed 30k meher and other 50k meher, but they tell me they didn't pay everything up front and will pay gradually as...
  20. sophisticate

    A 7-year wait

    :yacadiim: I got to thinking maybe I should make a disclaimer for all who wish to court me that you must wait for 7-years of no touching in the lead up to consummation. As a caveat, he cannot date/marry any woman during this period and must remain 100% celibate. No cheating even with...