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  1. CanIDimo

    Is anyone here a pan Africanist ??

    i have discovered this cult called pan africanism in the last two month through this guy called umar johnson that my Caribbean friend recommended to me when he quoted him in discussion we had in uni about the dark Continent :gaasdrink: i had a look at a lot of his videos so far all i know about...
  2. CanIDimo

    geeljire does wife tag with cadaan wife

    Abdiexiters get on the somali girl youtube phenomenon
  3. CanIDimo

    Another revert's anecdote about the righteousness of the Somali man

    Mashallah this is good stuff
  4. SLMan990

    Farmaajo fails Audit miserably. US cuts funds to corrupt and fledgling Somali Military

    Looks like farmaajo has to go begging else where because Trump closed the taps. Damn, must suck to get cucked twice; first with the muslim ban and now this. And by Trump out of all people...
  5. CaliTedesse

    I'm such a saqajaan wallahi

    I don't really respect women apart from my mom. The rest I look at as pure meat wallahi billahi. How can I change this I want to view females as more than meat and respect them for more than their body , face and burger is worth. #Saqajaanproblems
  6. SLMan990

    Woke black man takes "jew cracka" to task on nyc subway

    There is a lesson to be learned here: the Jew’s power lies in getting others to fight for him. All the time, he is threatening the black with lawyers, social media attention and cops. He never once says that he himself i will fight the black and let god decide who is right. And then, when that...
  7. Genesisx72

    Anybody else feel like this?

    Honestly, I call myself Somali, but I don't feel like it. I've been to the country a few times, I speak the language but growing up in the West, I feel massively disconnected. What even constitutes being "Somali"? Big foreheads and a diet of carbohydrates?
  8. SLMan990

    Gulf Arabs are hating hard on Ilhan Omar

    This sand monkey said her real country is Somalia. Dude mad cuz she has a superior basboor kkkk
  9. Keeysan

    Question about innate Somali talent

    I’ve been seeing some clips of IAAF and other similar leagues for athletes. I want to know is this athletic prowess hiding in Somalis? or it’s restricted to Oromo-Kalenjin and their related brethren whose blood remained in some Eritreans/ Sudanese
  10. SLMan990

    Black so called Israelite on Somalis

    Kinda agree with him in the sense Somalis need to drop that madow gangsta routine.
  11. Ramen

    How are rape victims treated in Somalia?

    How are rape victims treated in Somalia?. I heard about women in Somalia getting raped by somali men (even though theyre covered up) back home. Can someone explain what happens to the victim and the rapist? Do people see the victim as a used woman? Do people blame the victim? Does the...
  12. S

    Somali Superman.

  13. O

    I don't date dhegamadow girls

    How i can stop this dhegamadow girl she is texting me about dating her i am not fond of dhegamadow girls
  14. CaliTedesse

    Arabic loanwords in the Somali language thread

    Guys I created this thread so we could list all Arabic loanwords we have in our Somali language. Such as Milx Muwaadiin etc.etc. there are many Add more to the list let's go.
  15. B

    Post famous Somali rappers

  16. Steamdevolopment

    Former somali atheist shares her road back to Islam

    I was born on Feb 5th ‘92 in Mogodishu. When I was few weeks old my family left Somalia cause they were in danger. My family was upper class oo dad lacag leh. After my ayeeyo and my aunt got abducted by their own neighbours, my grandfather told everyone to leave ASAP. My family couldn’t trust...
  17. Yungmulababy23

    Why Did Allah Do This?

    Ladies, gentleman, and colored people how you doing? Today I have a serious question for all the sheikhs in this website. Why did allah make this man so ugly, this man is an virgin. He hasn't even kissed a women, and probably will die a virgin cause of his looks. How can this man accept allah...
  18. SLMan990

    UN report reveals Somali warriors helped fend off Israel during 2006 Lebonon war

    http://www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/10298/Default.aspx It makes sense why Israelis didn't overrun the weak ass Arabs. The Somalis saved them.
  19. Tukraq

    Somali rapper from Seattle