Djiboutian accent. (Asking Questions)

Its so interesting that Somalis 1000 km away from each other speak the same language with a little different accent. While a countries in Europe if you go 50km any direction they speak another language


👾pʅɹoʍ pǝʇɐʅǝxᴉd ɐ uᴉ ƃuᴉʌᴉʅ👾
Southern Somalis sound Italian. The only respectable accent is the Northerners :ahh:
I swear that Somali has British words tho

I see what is the population of whole afar ppl
Mostly in the cities inhabited by Somalis including Djibouti city.

Afar is only spoken in Dikhil,Obock and Tadjourah with some pockets in the capital city but they also speak Somali.

The population is around 35%.

They used to be the majority but due to the influx of refugees from elsewhere in Somaliweyn that title has shifted to the Somalis.
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