Why do I see so many Somalis online saying they have a relative with blue/green eyes?

I have seen so many Somalis online saying they have a relative who has colored eyes: blue, green, gray. Even though I have never seen a Somali in real life make that claim back home or abroad.

I have seen a Somali girl with light brown eyes, she was my classmate. I once also saw a middle aged Somali woman with what looked like dark blue eyes in the baclayaasha (market) in Hargeisa, but it could have been the light playing tricks on me as it was at night and crowded.

So is it true? Do you have any relatives or know a friend who is fully Somali (no European or Arab parent) that has either blue, green, or grey eyes? And I don't mean genetic mutation blue eyes that rarely occurs to Africans, more of the recessive colored eyes that lots of family members would have.

Also, I don't mean arcus senilis, which is when old men or women's eyes start changing colors on the outside of the pupil, turning blue or gray. This is common with Somalis and other Horn of Africans: my dad has it, my Aunt, my garbage man in Hargeisa, my old Amharic teacher.


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Non-brown eyes are very rare in Ethnic-Somalis. But they are there,becoz of grandmother
or great-grandmother who is Eurasian.
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Probably mistaking that for cataracts, very common for Somalis to have it back home. My grandma has it and it caused her eyes to look blue.

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My cousin have blue eyes and lives back home! Walahi people get shocked when they see him it’s unbelievable unless you see him!
:fittytousand: some old Somali people eyes color change the ilder they get ..ky Grandma Allah uuu naxriisto was greenish blueish it was briwn when she was in her 40s and 50s


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Allegedly Somalis are mixed with nilotic, European and asian so that could be the reason
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