1. Reformed J

    HISTORY The Effort to have Somalis classified as non-native Africans and Asians in Colonial Kenya was a Waqooyi project

    Isaaq Sijuis were campaigning to pay higher taxes in order to be considered non-native Africans and become entitled to same privileges Indian subjects in the colony had obtained. The claim to Asiatic status was based on the claim they were born in the British Raj controlled Aden, therefore they...
  2. Noble

    Protests in kenya

    Raila Odinga yet to get over his election defeat calls for weekly protests over rising cost and the election he deemes robbed
  3. Smif-N-Wessun

    Kenyaati Serial Killer Smothers Old Cadan Women

    Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir is a 50-year-old Kenyan murderer and suspected serial killer accused of the murders of elderly women in Dallas, Texas and its surrounding suburbs. As of June 2022, Chemirmir has been indicted for 22 murders The victims ages ranged from 76 to 94. Top row: Catherine...
  4. Reformed J

    GENETICS How accurate is this Elmenteitan reconstruction?

    The artist has been making reconstructions for a couple years now. I don't sense any bias or racism in his other works. Still, why does this South Cushite from the Kenyan rift valley look like an Abdalla??:faysalwtf: Compared to modern people, they're supposed to be most closest to Somalis...
  5. Sultan A. Sheikh

    New flag for the Somali-Kenyan region!

    The new proposed flag for the #Somali region in North-Eastern #Kenya plans to restore with amends to the name by Somali-Kenyan leaders across the region. What do we think and what name do you think they’ll go with?
  6. M

    Which Kenyan Presidential candidate is better Somalia and Somalis?

    State your choice and opinion. What your thoughts are about the tribal dynamics in Kenyan elections.
  7. Manafesto

    List of Top 10 countries that hate Somalia and Somalis(What is your List?)

    My list 1. Ethiopia 2. Kenya 3. Djibouti 4. Libya 5. Egypt 6. Erataria 7. USA 8. Turkey 9. Qatar,UAE & KS, infact all the gulf countries beside Oman and Bahrain. 10. Russia, UK,France, China, Canada,Iran, Pakistan ,Uganda and finally Somaliland. What a disgusting countries and it's natives...
  8. Manafesto

    NEWS Kenya says its troops will not leave Somalia anytime soon and SNA is not capable of taking over the security of the capital city yet alone the south

    The Kenya government has affirmed not to withdraw its defense forces from Somalia until the security conditions improve. Somalia had previously said that its national troops can successfully take over the security of the country without foreign troops from the next year but so far SNA is an...
  9. M

    The Most Somali Looking Maasai

    I didn't know maasais could look like this. :ohhh:
  10. alien

    How much claim...

    How much of Kenya are inhabited by somali people. I'm so confused cause some sources say we can claim isiolo. Some say we can claim Lamu County cause of the Boni (Aweer) and the Bajuni people who live there. Where exactly does our somali land claim border end.
  11. ق

    OPINION Would Farmajo resort to violence like his mentor Abiy Ahmed?

    March 15, 2021 By Abdirahman Hashi (Burhan) Although both Ethiopia and Kenya are Somalia’s historical enemies and have Somali territories under their control, nevertheless Ethiopia had robbed more land and people from Somalia than Kenya. Since the 16th century, Ethiopias expansionist strategy...
  12. Karim

    BREAKING NEWS OFFICIAL: KENYA withdraws from maritime dispute case with SOMALIA.
  13. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS ICJ rejected Kenya's request to delay the maritime dispute hearing

    Rebooting this October thread to see what everyone thinks now with the case imminent Between October and February we've seen - Beledxaawo clashes - SNA/KDF tension on the border - A SL & Kenyan consulate is set to open -...
  14. BetterDaysAhead

    NEWS Farmajo's regime conflict with Kenya escalates Suna East MP Junet Mohamed said, “Mr. Speaker, I want to support the chairman’s statement. What amazes me about Somalia is that the election campaign here in Nairobi is more...
  15. Leftside

    Ethiopia's PM Abiy Ahmed meets with President Kenyatta at border point.

    Apparently PM Abiy is on a state visit to Kenya. The meeting between the two leaders started at the Moyale Ethiopia-Kenya border point. With the way things have unfolded in the region in recent days, you have to wonder what these guys are upto. Anything that they do or discuss will have an...
  16. F

    MOTIVATION, RICH neighborhoods in Nairobi( READ)

    This is where the richest who reside in Kenya. There a lot of Somalis here. Historically, Most rich people in Kenya were the British, Indians and a few politicians even after independence from the British. Places like Westlands we’re literally nicknamed “Uhindini” meaning Indian neighborhood It...
  17. Helios

    What is Kenya Going To Do??

    If/When They Lose The Sea Case?
  18. Risotto

    Two Somalis arrested at Nairobi airport for hiding Khat in their suitcases

  19. Invader

    Kenya begs Somalia to lift Khat ban to make profit!