1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    White Teacher Frustrated, Goes On Racist Rant

    While this girl, chewing gum, will suffer from the system...the teacher was bringing up Republican talking points in a racist manner. FIRE HIM. We need more Black Male and Female teachers teaching these kids.
  2. exposedmeat


    Everyone ethnic group has a disadvantage, our biggest disadvantage is big forehead so what are we doing to fix that, absolutely nothing, this is a problem that needs a solution. If we really want an answer we have to look back to our ancestors and how they do it. here's one FARAH They would...
  3. Marshall D Abdi

    The greatest speech in history?

    Ahmed gurey to his soldiers be like
  4. TopTutsi

    Somali Trauma

    wow this is actually really sad and I hope this brudda recovers from this traumatic experience:mjcry: Do yall have any traumatic experiences as a Somali #SOMALILIVESMATTER
  5. Helios

    Recent Dip in General's Quality

    I don't know what's up I guess me and @HanadR6 were holding the newbies in check but along with some other larger trends of some SSPOT heavyweights leaving or taking breaks, General threads seemed to get derailed and spammed out now by page 2. There was a balance between semi-serious content...
  6. D

    Anyone living in the middle East right now?

    I'm in Lebanon right now.
  7. A


  8. L

    20 year old female and not allowed to travel!!

    I'm in a tough predicament. My parents have always been fairly lenient on me and I've never given them a reason to doubt me. I am a full-time uni student and work full-time as well. But my mom refuses for me to go overseas, even countries where I have IMMEDIATE family. They tried to use the...
  9. A

    Whatever happened to the pal talk phone number 2007-2013????????

    218 number. Anyone got the latest number
  10. 4head

    My 1st day of work

    So today was my first day of work. As i work in a restaurant and i dress as Santa :chrisfreshhah: Kids were amazing and even adults :salute: but these adults who took many gifts :childplease: anyway. I want to share with you some of my pictures as Santa :russ: Only 8 days of work and I'll buy...
  11. G

    A legend has died!

    Marvel comics creator Stan lee has passed away! Thank you stan!
  12. Y

    What if they taught sing language in school

    I feel bad for deaf people having a limited communication. I think they should cut that stupid art class and replace it with sign language. That way anyone can understand and help deaf people
  13. Y

    Have you noticed this?

    Whenever you offer older somalis some food, they say I just ate I am not hungry even if they are. Then the guests kind of forces them to not be shy which they eventually accept the offering. Why do they do that. If you're hungry and someone offers food say yes and thank you. Marabtaa? Haa...
  14. Y

    I became a member of the MGTOW

  15. Y

    Where is the logic

    My uncle was killed last night because someone got killed in the area he lives. They said we gonna kill someone that doesn't have brothers. My uncle only has sisters. They killed him. An innocent man because they know his sisters can't come after him. They kill an innocent man to make themselves...
  16. Y

    Yaanyuur appreciation thread.

    My geeljire homies. Where y'all at?
  17. Y

    Africa Sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP is about $1.6-trillion, according to data compiled by the International Monetary Fund. That is less than California :meleshame::meleshame:
  18. Y

    How to murder your husband

  19. Y

    What the hell

    The guy is clearly lip syncing and he thinks he is cool or whatever. The girls are self haters. Look at their face. WTF. Why are these people doing this shit.
  20. Y

    My favorite somali music