Does Anyone On Here Belong To A Boxing Gym ๐ŸฅŠ


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No but I boxed a few amateurs and I'm not sure how experienced you are in fighting. But amateur boxers have no poise they start off swinging haymakers. I went into my first fight thinking about form and jabs but nah the other guy wanted to knock my head off. So I had to match that energy.Also have good stamina.

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Boxing is a great sport to learn self defence. Many people say its better to learn wrestling or a grappling sport. But when your on the ground you are susceptible to attacks from multiple people.Also the ground is dirty nobody wants to roll around on it.

Anyways Iโ€™m proud to see my favourite African American who follows the Jewish Igbo religion and partakes in actives such as Professional Wrestling and part time K-pop dancing. He is well learned man as he is a buddhism enthusiast. Now is going to be learning boxing. You are a man of many talents.


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Kickboxing. Go to a proper gym and not a commercial one. Make sure youโ€™re in decent shape too
Got into boxing a few years back after reading hajime no ippo, haven't done it for a few years since covid, joining MMA gym though.