1. Sedderr1234

    Has the diaspora given up on Somalia?

    I remember growing up I would hear and see people talking about how somalia is getting better and will return back to how it was pre civil war. Circa now in 2022 I rarely hear those words. The only people who go back fit in these categories: 1- Dhgan celis 2- deported criminals 3- people...
  2. Velœcity

    Would you ever move back home?

    Considering if the situation in Somalia, (or whatever somaliweyn area you are from) becomes suitable in every sector being healthcare, human rights, education, quality of life etc. would you pack your bags? I know some Somalis would do it in a heartbeat, some are even doing it now. But there...
  3. H

    A website with Somali short stories

    I created a website with short stories, several of which centre around Somali people. Check it out, lemme know what you think and share it with your friends and family who are interested in literature. Here's a link to a short story called a child's memory about single parenthood in a Somali...
  4. Manafesto

    Top ten countries with most TO7shih Halimo/Farahs residents we should avoid marrying from?

    Thread inspired by another thread that is currently trending,my question is what country has the most ish and Dhulo among the diaspora communities around the world? As an individual who traveled across the globe, I will post my experience and try to be as fair and honest on this list, I...
  5. 486th President

    What’s Your Diaspora

    Are you from Sweden, Switzerland, USA, UK, Norway, Kenya, Ethiopia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Israel, or any other country My Diaspora is actually Canadian I just like using UK Slang
  6. Maverick 2.0

    Somalia is Doomed, It’s Time To Let Go

    Regardless of age or gender y’all niggas be talking about how y’all are faanna go back to Somalia and start a business to rebuild the country, but you never do. Most y’all motherf***rs ain’t going back. The west is now are home so I think we should start the assimilation process right about...
  7. Genesis

    Is the West your new permanent home?

    Just interested to see how many of you feel about this.
  8. Al-Burcaawi

    Where do you live?

    Like the title says, where do y'all live? I personally live in the UK but have a Swedish passport, so I switch teams and dodge L's a lot.:samwelcome:
  9. Odkac WRLD

    UK Somalis we are VERY worried for your wellbeing

    In direct response to @AarHawd_7 (or as I like to call him Aar xaar...this is an intervention I recognize this unprovoked attack as a call for help Denial is the first stage of moving on I am aware majority of Brits are averse math and stats but bear with me some of these are quite disturbing...
  10. Helios


    So I sat in my local Tim Hortons and interviewed an Odey for sspot. He hates Xalimos and Hawiyes but he tells us about his great parenting ability. Ladies it gets good for you past 1:47 dw SUBTITLES ON listen to all of it pls A smart Xalimo who listened to the end Ty Lostbox for tags lol
  11. AIOPZ

    How would Somalia look like without the help of the diaspora?

  12. CanIDimo

    THE WEST IS THE MOTHERLAND for the vast majority of Somali diaspora FACTS

    Let's keep it real guys. Most of us here myself included will only go to somalia to visit especially if you're from xamar A.K.A amisomland going there is a death wish Even puntlanders and somalilanders don't want to go live in their stable and developing regions. First gens who were bought up...
  13. Blackarotto

    Reer Sweden come take you W Finally!!!

    https://www.reuters.com/video/2011/03/09/a-somali-herder-for-swedish-camels?videoId=193851373 Like seriously this Somali guy has the perfect job fit for him! Why haven't people thought of this sooner? He has expertise in his field of camel herding. Did you hear what that Somali guy said about...
  14. Blackarotto

    Shocking Cute Xalimo Defends Somali Men

    So i have been going through my youtube recommendations when randomly I stumble across this video. I really didn't think much of it as I thought that the same old boring content of autistic black guy screaming for minutes straight. Then this Cute Xalimo comes up and restores my faith in the...
  15. Somali Nationalist

    Any Somalis living in Ireland?

    I was wondering if any other people on this site lived in Ireland, if not you can ask me about the country anyway.
  16. Buraanbur911

    When will you make the move back home?

    All my family are in the west so I don’t know if I’ll ever fully move back home for good When will you guys move back home and what do you hope to do there
  17. Buraanbur911

    Hey Girls!! - xasidnimo from other girls

    hello to those guys who are peeping through the womens spot as well. Anyways this spot isn't as active as the other ones so i was like might as well post something. I was just wondering have you guys realised within the somali community we can be actually so xasid to each other and not want...
  18. Buraanbur911

    Why are some Somali guys awfully awkward?

    I’ve actually noticed this uncomfortable trend of awkwardness of Somali boys once they hit puberty don’t see this in other ethnic background a lot explain in your own words why ? 10 marks.
  19. lalayariis

    We Are Backwards People

    I’ve been on here for about two weeks and I’m starting to see certain patterns. This site is full of trolls, wahhabis, qabilists and people who really don’t care. I know there a few who are actually none of these, but they are by far the minority. The amount of hatred and intolerance I see on...
  20. Rorschach

    Tumors in the Diaspora

    Here I was browsing through the reddit cesspit, when I stumbled upon an interesting thread on /r/AskReddit., posing the following question: "Africans of Reddit, what are the greatest misconceptions people have about your native country?" Scrolling down, I found this comment: --- You see my...