1. Ragaasi

    Noble Macrobian Faarax puts Jamaican girl on blast

    :dead:I teared up when I saw this bruh
  2. Marshall D Abdi

    Cunsurinuno at highest level

  3. CaliTedesse

    If the word Bantu becomes mainstream

    Remember me. I'm literally using this word to describe other Africans all the time with friends and other people. Friend/stranger: What is Bantu? Cali: You know bro we are Black but Bantu are those pure Africans with thick hair and very black skin and rough features. Friend: So you mean Black...
  4. Medulla

    2020 is the year of the Bantu Queens

    For too long have we been under the tyranny of Somali women they have taken and taken from us without replenishing the nutrients they stole. They believe in original sin, blaming us faraaxs in the west for the sins of our fathers before some of us have even hit our twenty's! They are heartless...
  5. Prince Abubu

    Kenyans Scare of "Rising Somali Numbers"

  6. CaliTedesse

    Walle Gabon has been moving while

    East Africa has been sleeping Even 10 years ago Gabon looked better than Somalia Gabon today Anyone here every visited Gabon?
  7. Finesse

    Niiko: Bantu Dance

    Somalis who love niiko need to love the origins of niiko and the people who brought it to Somalia. Don't hate and mistreat the people and appropriate their dance/culture. I am talking to Reer Mogadishu specifically since Niiko isn't really celebrated or performed in other areas in Somalia.
  8. CaliTedesse

    Who are the ancestors of the Bantus

    Where do Bantus originate from. I heard they were product of Eurasian and Pygmy mixing. I would like to know more about Bantus and why they look that way.
  9. Guts

    Our bantu brother has made it [LIT WARNING]

    Okay so i found this song just by curiosity by searching up Bantu on google. I found this lit song and it goes in :banderas: ~ Kow, lamo, 3, 4 She said she want a bantu boy shan, lix, 7, 8 , 9 ~ :ohhhdamn::ohhhdamn: I honestly wish our bantu brother the best :salute:
  10. N

    Free movement in Somalia

    Does anyone know if this ridiculous plan is still going ahead? Mixed messages from both Foreign Affairs Minister and Immigration Department backing/rejecting. What's going to happen?
  11. GBTarmy

    Somalias first bantu president

    Kkkkkkk the ending:pachah1:
  12. GBTarmy

    South Africans says they will starve if Somali shops remain closed

    “The problem is that whenever protests happen some community members always takes out their frustrations on foreign shop owners. They never take time to think of how the rest of the people will suffer‚” said David Sibanyoni‚ a community committee representative in Ratanda‚ south of Heidelberg‚...
  13. Nilotufian

    Loooooool look at this hater

    Imagine taking time out to record and upload this:susp::mahubowtf: yaab
  14. Wei

    Somaliland attack on Puntland Imminent(Garowe is within reach).

    Garowe is within reach guys(our commanders told us months ago). Everyone(Isaaq) leave that toxic thread and let us join as one, in our hatred for Puntland, i feel the tension decreasing, who's with me:ulyin:
  15. Ahmed Alawi

    GENETICS Genetic make-up of the Bravanese people of Somalia

    The Bravanese people, also known as the Barawani, are a group inhabiting southern coast of Somalia who migrated from different parts of the western & middle eastern countries such as (Yemen, Oman, Portugal, Persia). The town (Barawa) which is located southern coast of Somalia was named after the...
  16. A

    Bantu qowma luud eats raw fish in Mogadishu!

    :damn::damn::damn::damn: That walk though:holeup: Edit: he is dhagool and according to his dilac bilaash walk, he is qowma luud.
  17. A

    Do Somali women prefer non Somali men?

    I am seeing a wave of Somali women who seem to prefer cadaan or even madow men to Somalis, just recently I read a story of Idris Elba's (Madow celebrity) new girlfriend a Somali model. Maya Jama is also with a Madow celebrity and Somali Iman (model) even had a kid without before she married a...
  18. Xooshdheere

    Somalis in Kenya

    Somalis are marginalized by the Bantus but one of the most sucsessful in Kenya and the most entrepeneurial poeple. Dominate various private sectors in the Kenya economy. They have severe animosity towards us in Kenya, yet we still winning. A lesson the African Americans in America can learn...
  19. Xooshdheere

    bantu twitter

    "I wonder what Bantu twitter is up to nowadays" (idk what I expected tbh)
  20. Xooshdheere

    Somali Businessman burned alive in KwaZulu by savage zulu bantus AUN.