Ancient Somali hairstyles

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So these last few days I've been twisting my hair and have finally completed my hair style. I basically put my hair into mini twists and I expect to keep my hair this way for at least a month. It sort of appears as faux braids. I just wanted to see If I could do the same style with my real hair. Also, I was a bit inspired of the hairstyles of the Hedareb women.
So basically my question is: What were the signature hairstyles of the ancient Somalis?



Egyptian. But that afro tho. You know hes Somali.

I'm sure others will provide you with better images, but as far as hairstyles Somalis have all shared similar techniques.
The women would usually braid their hair as you described. The men would grow afros and create different styles for themselves.
Honestly Somalia's ancient history is still ancient. Ever since the war, the nation has been unexplored.
Our history is vast and its hidden within the war. We know we are ancient, and we know we've been substantial yet immoral because we happen to still be paying the sins of our forefathers. We are more indigenous than the indigenous, yet we are nothing.
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