1. Odious Delirium

    Question for the ladies

    What products should I be using for my hair? (Any guys with long hair give me some suggestions aswell)
  2. Mek Nimr al-Ja'ali

    Average hair type

    What hairtype does everyone here have and what do you guys think is the average in the region? My hair is 2c/2bish and my brother leans more towards 2a. The pure Cushites in our country, the Beja, I've noticed have an incredible variance in hairtype in the general population from straight up...
  3. Marshall D Abdi

    How long is ur hair

    So men of sspot where does u ur hair reach, any one who didnt cut his hair this past 4 months?
  4. Marshall D Abdi

    Show ur hairline

    Lets see if you are real geeljiire and have good hair
  5. strawberrii


    So I trimmed my hair today but I am no expert in it and I’m haphazard with it too. It doesn’t look so bad but I think it’s just because my hair is curly. If I were to straighten it then it’d probably be very uneven. Also the back of my hair is shorter than the front and it’s bugging me :icon...
  6. Odkac WRLD

    Real geeljires soo gala

    I am going to give myself a haircut tonight. I got the machine and scissors. Why do I need barber, I’m the barber. I’ll probably lower the top, sides, and back and give myself the nicest line up.:ahh: Have any of you cut your own hair before? And are any of you getting barbers to come to your...
  7. Guts

    Is my hairline bad people say it is?

    I don't understand everyone is telling me that i have bidaar but honestly i see nothing wrong with my hair What do you guys think?
  8. Eru Ilúvatar

    How do I get longer hair

    how do I get longer hair that grows downwards instead of upwards?
  9. shabellegal

    Natural hair thread

    Thought I’d make a post about general hair care on here.... I have 3b fine curly hair. It’s hard to find protective hairstyles that won’t break my hair or irritate my tender scalp. Really tryna find a hairstyle for the summer :farmajoyaab: What’s some protective hairstyles that you like? Also...
  10. D

    What am I doing wrong with my hair?

    So the hair on my head is thick and quite frizzy. I live in Hargeisa now, so products are limited to pretty basic products. What surprises me though is everywhere else, my hair is soft. Mustache, beard, chest, and body hair. Straight short and wavy mix with curls It makes me wonder if I should...
  11. yasmin lan

    Skin/hair care thread

    what are you guys skin care routines? What type of skin do you have? What prouducts are good/bad for your skin? What was your skin nightmare? For me I have oily/dry skin. That st Ives apricot scrub is rubbish and broke me out! I love almond oil to moisturize my skin it leaves it soft and non...
  12. M


    Stay away from madow barbers or else you'll get bidaar in your twenties. All my boys who got their hair cut every 2 weeks to stay fresh all have bidaar now. The barbers they go to don't know how to treat soft hair properly. They are too rough on Somali hair that it eventually falls off. I...
  13. Baraf

    Ancient Somali hairstyles

    *No derailing please* So these last few days I've been twisting my hair and have finally completed my hair style. I basically put my hair into mini twists and I expect to keep my hair this way for at least a month. It sort of appears as faux braids. I just wanted to see If I could do the same...
  14. Baraf

    What's your curl pattern

    Somali hair usually ranges between wavy to 4a hair type. 2a,2b,2c,3a,3b/c,4a,4c
  15. P

    Growing long hair

    Are there ways to make it grow faster? It usually takes me 1 to 1 1/2 years for it to reach shoulder length.
  16. John Michael

    Did any of you Canadians

    Watch the movie 'the peanut butter solution' on tv growing up? I swear this movie haunted me for years afterwards. Can't believe this was a kids movie. o_O