1. Manafesto

    Puntland VP Ahmed Karaash fails to find a PL supreme Court judge to swear the new nominated ministers while recently sacked ministers continue working

    This is quite embarrassing and another slap in the face for Karaash, according to BBC news and PP linked below the recently nominated ministers by KaraashGreen are not even allowed to visit the HQ of the ministry their were nominated for. Karaash's calls to PL supreme Court to perform the...
  2. Manafesto

    NEWS Somaliland becomes the main route for Ethiopian migrants use crossing into Puntland & Somalia

    Somaliland becomes the main route for Ethiopian migrants use crossing into Puntland & Somalia The Number of Ethiopian migrants crossing to Somalia and other Gulf states has gradually increased in the past decades and Somaliland has become the main route for these migrants to use to reach their...
  3. Woke1.4rm.Shibis

    Al shabaab takeover a district in Sanaag region

    https://goobjoog.com/al-shabaab-oo-la-wareegay-deegaan-ka-tirsan-gobolka-sanaag/ Wararka naga soo gaarayo gobolka Sanaag ayaa waxaa ay sheegayaan in caawa fiidkii deegaanka Milxo oo ka tirsan gobolka ay la wareegeen Al-shabaab, kadib dagaal ka dhacay deegaanka, wararku waxaa ay sheegayaan in...
  4. Manafesto

    BREAKING NEWS At least 4 dead and 7 injured following explosion in Bossaso

  5. Manafesto

    PUNTLAND Puntland Frankincense and Myrahh harvesting and Business News

    I am not sure if there is any Mega-thread on Puntland's own trees of Frankincense Myrahh business news on this subform, but if there is one already I guess the Mods know what do with this thread lol.:)
  6. Manafesto

    NEWS Lorry Driver in Somaliland arrested and truck impounded after running over two expensive dogs imported from Germany with an EU Passport

    I can't stop laughing at this, I bet if someone run over Southern Somalis in bright day light in Hargeisa no one would have went to jail for it unlike this story right here.:draketf: Anyway, these two supposedly to be well trained were run over by one of the khat importers in SL. The owner...
  7. Manafesto

    NEWS Puntland pilot elections faces critics on social media

    I don't know why Reer Mogdishu,Somalilanders, Reer Ghetto and crackers like to include them selves in literally every little thing on social media regarding our eedo Honorable lady Ilhan, but this one takes of the cake, An MJ(Puntite) American Congress women from Puntite majority state of MN...
  8. warside

    NEWS World Bank suggests Puntland & Jubbaland should give 20% of Port Revenue to Port less States.

    In a meeting between the federal government and federal states the World Bank presented this thought on revenue sharing arrangements for Somalia. The idea proposes the establishment of an equalization pot into which port states contribute 20% of their international trade receipts, such that all...
  9. Manafesto

    NEWS Puntland Women's Basketball team volunteer to play against Djbouti & to raise awareness for child marriage after the SL team was denied by Islamists

    Mashalah, look how tall and beautiful is the Puntland Women's team is and on top of that they are offering their talent for free inorder to raise awareness on child marriage and FGM, that is one of a hella Noble cause and selfless act l, Mashalah I am proud of them, I hope they win against...
  10. FBIsomalia

    NEWS Col. Maxamed Botan Cowl (Juujuule) Dead in Gaalkayco

  11. ق

    NEWS The son of Governor Muse Bihi is kidnapping poor people in the Somaliland FMS

    This whole chaos whereby the children of the Governors push around the citizens reminds me of my FMS of Puntland. We had a similar issue with the sons of our former Governor Farole. His sons used to throw a tantrum every couple of weeks like the son ofGovernor Muse Bihi. Nobody could say...
  12. Milano Ahmed

    NEWS Somali Federal Government and FMS disputes [Mega thread]

  13. Enlightenednomad

    NEWS Somalia Federal States Football Cup: Official Thread

    The last group stage match ended in a draw between PL & SWS ended in a draw which means Jubaland is eliminated. Galmudug scored a later winner against Hirshabelle leaving the latter at the bottom of the group. It'll be Puntland vs Galmudug - Southwest State vs Banadir in semis for...
  14. Figo

    PUNTLAND Puntland Pictures & Videos

    Y'all can contribute too just don't repost the same pictures. :ufdup:
  15. Risotto


  16. Helios

    A Rational Solution to SL?

    Smart nigga but this Mr @Waaqooyi guy stole my pfp :icon e confused: I want to hear from Gaddabursi though, @Sophisticate given the practical circumstances would you rather see Awdal as part of Djibouti or an exclave of Somalia? :cosbyhmm: Tldr (very rough map) Puntland imo should be...
  17. Pipit

    An Old Look At Puntland's Capital Garowe

  18. Risotto

    Puntland state minister succumbs to COVID-19

  19. Helios

    Puntland's Ties With Oman

    @Abaq 's thread reminded me of something (Check it out it's quite good) https://www.somalispot.com/threads/puntland-should-look-like-this.93772/ If the PL diaspora is so prominent in Oman why not leverage those ties to bring investment and other economic links with the Omanis? Seems like a...