1. TabK

    OPINION The 1975 census of the Somali Republic

    The last census to have taken place in Somaliland and Somalia was the Somali Republic census of 1975. The results are very significant due to the lack of population data today. Some interesting findings: - Woqooyi Galbeed had the largest population in the country, by a wide margin. -...
  2. E

    NEWS Somalia Federal States Football Cup: Official Thread

    The last group stage match ended in a draw between PL & SWS ended in a draw which means Jubaland is eliminated. Galmudug scored a later winner against Hirshabelle leaving the latter at the bottom of the group. It'll be Puntland vs Galmudug - Southwest State vs Banadir in semis for...
  3. Figo

    PUNTLAND Puntland Pictures & Videos

    Y'all can contribute too just don't repost the same pictures. :ufdup:
  4. Risotto


  5. Helios

    A Rational Solution to SL?

    Smart nigga but this Mr @Waaqooyi guy stole my pfp :icon e confused: I want to hear from Gaddabursi though, @Sophisticate given the practical circumstances would you rather see Awdal as part of Djibouti or an exclave of Somalia? :cosbyhmm: Tldr (very rough map) Puntland imo should be...
  6. Pipit

    An Old Look At Puntland's Capital Garowe

  7. Helios

    Puntland's Ties With Oman

    @Abaq 's thread reminded me of something (Check it out it's quite good) https://www.somalispot.com/threads/puntland-should-look-like-this.93772/ If the PL diaspora is so prominent in Oman why not leverage those ties to bring investment and other economic links with the Omanis? Seems like a...
  8. Warwaaqsame

    What do you guys think about VR entertainment business in Somalia?

    I wanna start a VR theme park in Somalia. Do you guys think, it's a good idea? Will it gain a lot of traction? What's the ideal location for it?
  9. Knet

    Battle Currently Happening in Galkayo: Clan Militia VS Puntland Security Forces

    Battle Currently Happening in Galkayo: Leelkase VS Federal Troops Was just talking to someone in Galkayo what's the beef here guys/gals
  10. Falcon

    NEWS Official Thread for the Conference in Dhusamareb

    President Abdi waare: President Abdiaziz Laftagraeen: President Abdullahi Deni: President Ahmed Madoobe: Post all the related posts in here to avoid going back and forth in different threads.
  11. Invader

    Why Puntland is contradictory.

    These people haven't even read the constitution and dispute areas that weren't their pre-1991 areas.:mjlol:
  12. Marshall D Abdi

    Land of punt + Macrobians= Horn of africa

    Most detailed edited video about land of punt :lawd:
  13. Atoore

    Puntland and Jubaland reject FGS meeting dates

    PL flexing its political muscles:ohdamn:
  14. Warwaaqsame

    Compare New York, London, Paris, Berlin in 1900s to Somalia in 2020

    We're the definition of failure as a nation. We cannot even build, what they have done a century ago.
  15. Warwaaqsame

    Somaliland 1960

    Did Somaliland set conditions, when they were uniting with the south? As you guys know all the African countries accepted the colonial borders. So i wanna know if they set conditions such as if they can pullout of the union, with their former British Somaliland territory, using the colonial...
  16. Bossanova

    What is the biggest money maker in Somalia? (Puntland and Somaliland)

    What sector in the Somali economy is the most lucrative or what could be lucrative? I honestly don’t see myself living there full time, not until I retire. My goal is to buy property in New York and that’s something really hard to do. $1 million+ I have a degree (engineering) and would like to...
  17. Atoore

    Karaash says his piece

  18. Genesis

    Federalism is a cancer that must be removed

    Since this cursed system was implemented, Somalia has gotten WORSE not better in the last 20 years. I'll show you conclusive evidence that this system has been a cancer to Somalia. In 2020, Al Shabaab still control these towns and regions...