1. somali.hoxhaist

    Any people who live Burtinle or Galkayo

    Ayo I’m moving back to Somalia soon I hope if everything moves smoothly. Who the hell lives in burtinle or galkayo (majeerteen ends)? Let’s me know
  2. warside

    Garacad Port officially opens tomorrow and 1st commercial ship arrives

    1st phase is finished and the remaining bigger berths will be finished next year, in the meantime the 2 finished berths will continue operating. Guests from various governments will arrive Garacad today and tomorrow.
  3. Manafesto

    Puntland authorities in Mudug send tons of food and fuel to a neglected Galmudug soldiers in the frontlines of the war against Alshabaab

    Mashallah,this is type of life saving donations Puntland authorities does for baby federal member States like Galmudug, a state one could say has been under Puntland sphere influence and PL uses it as it's buffer zone from the terror group. Puntland has been donating and training Galmudug...
  4. Manafesto

    Somaliland authorities plan to ban Somalis & Non-Somalilanders to receive charity donations or panhandle on the streets of the breakaway region

    Lol, La Xawla, Wala Quwat, last year the apartheid and the clean enclave denied a Somali women who was born in the triangle to get a Somaliland passport. Then this was followed Somaliland authorities raiding and deporting Somali citizens to Somalia with a force and using intimidation and now...
  5. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    That one thing niggas..

    What's that one word that relates to your region that other Somalis can't pronounce properly? For me, it's the city name ''EYL''. Somalis from regions other than PL can't pronounce it at all, the best they can is to say ''Eel, Iil, or Iyl'', diasporas do it dirty they can't even try to say it...
  6. Maxamed bin Harti

    Puntland security apprehended a truck filled with explosives that had the potential to cause 150 bombings

    Truck come from Hiraan, where are the checkpoints in Hirshabelle and Galmudug? Is it time for a hard border reer puntlandow? Interrogate the terrorists and put them to work
  7. Manafesto

    Bossaso of Bari & Qardho in Karkaar region won the top 10 spot with the highest score among Puntland students for this year once again

    Mashalah, the kid that has the highest score in Puntland's national exams this year had his younger brother khadar Siciid Salaad win the same spot in 2019, congratulations to ilama Siciid Salaad(C.S) and all the other Puntites who score on the top 10 in Puntland exams. C/laakiin Siciid...
  8. Manafesto

    Somaliland administration hands over wanted prisoners in Boorame to Puntland authorities at the border

    Wada shaqyn wacan, the NW FMS state called Somaliand didn't mention what the prisoners are charged in Puntland nor did he commented how they ended up in Boorame. https://hadhwanaagnews.ca/mobile/articles/33891/DAAWO-Somaiiland-Oo-Maxaabiis-Ku-Wareejisay-Puntland
  9. Manafesto

    🇸🇱Puntland Republic 24th August 1st 2022 celebration's official Thread 🇸🇴

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PuntlandRepublic~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy 24th year anniversary of the Blessed Puntland Republic, I wholeheartedly applaud Puntlanders around the globe to celebrate this upcoming August 1 celebrations in a great spirits and more blessing to come, we are truly grateful for the peace...
  10. Manafesto

    Outrage by Puntites in Germany over Puntland August 1 celebrations for using the occasion & the flag to raise funds for the drought

    Not sure what the big deal is here? I mean if they are using Puntland flag to raise funds for the drought and every penny is accounted for, I don't see why these two are against this?:kanyehmm:
  11. Manafesto

    Shameless Farmaajo online Cayaayan Worshippers(CBB) claim he paid Puntland education exam expenses !!

  12. Manafesto

    Somaliland administration planning to set up another tribal adherence meeting in Widhwidhb tomorrow for Sool tribal chiefs similar to Ceerigaabo one

    This is latest news I am hearing from both loyak and SL hardliners, they are pulling the same trick they did in Ceerigaabo last month with Sanaag's elite tribal cheifs, the whole puprosed of this stunt is to have the Sool elders and cheifs take pictures while the SL flag is in the background...
  13. Manafesto

    Bossaso and Puntland business community and civilians donate a quarter of a Million $ to Hargeisa Somaliland Waheen market

    Mashalah, Bossaso community has been fundraising for Hargeisa Waheen market tragic fire, this is one of many donations and contributions the Puntland community civilians and traders has contributed to help rebuild the market. Puntlanders are generous and kind community to their fellow Somalis...
  14. Manafesto

    I Found & Stumbled into DrOsman's newly made Puntland History YouTube channel🤣😂😭

    Looool, I checking Puntland news and I stumbled this new channel and this historic video about Boqor Osman, May Allah bless the grave of our king and freedom fighter. What, I meant to say is within 10 seconds into the video I was pretty sure I was listening to our visionary resident @DR...
  15. Manafesto

    Somaliland President Muse Bihi and Eastern Ceerigaabo cheifs and community's adherence to Somaliland Gov agreement and conditions finally released

    @Laagite did you read the Warsangeli and SNM government's final agreement, apparently they Warsan cheifs of Ceerigaabo demand a full political/economical/social Power sharing with SL. The best part of this social contract Warsans signed is that it would only be valid after six months after Muse...
  16. Calaami

    Gaalkacyo TPEC civic education kicks off

    The Acting Governor of Mudug region of Puntland Hassan Wardheere (in conjunction with TPEC) held an information session with local elders, intellectuals, youth, and members of the security forces in Puntland. Gudoomiye remarks the way he was able to become deputy governor, and the way all our...
  17. Manafesto

    Puntland VP Ahmed Karaash fails to find a PL supreme Court judge to swear the new nominated ministers while recently sacked ministers continue working

    This is quite embarrassing and another slap in the face for Karaash, according to BBC news and PP linked below the recently nominated ministers by KaraashGreen are not even allowed to visit the HQ of the ministry their were nominated for. Karaash's calls to PL supreme Court to perform the...
  18. Manafesto

    NEWS Somaliland becomes the main route for Ethiopian migrants use crossing into Puntland & Somalia

    Somaliland becomes the main route for Ethiopian migrants use crossing into Puntland & Somalia The Number of Ethiopian migrants crossing to Somalia and other Gulf states has gradually increased in the past decades and Somaliland has become the main route for these migrants to use to reach their...
  19. Woke1.4rm.Shibis

    Al shabaab takeover a district in Sanaag region

    https://goobjoog.com/al-shabaab-oo-la-wareegay-deegaan-ka-tirsan-gobolka-sanaag/ Wararka naga soo gaarayo gobolka Sanaag ayaa waxaa ay sheegayaan in caawa fiidkii deegaanka Milxo oo ka tirsan gobolka ay la wareegeen Al-shabaab, kadib dagaal ka dhacay deegaanka, wararku waxaa ay sheegayaan in...
  20. Manafesto

    BREAKING NEWS At least 4 dead and 7 injured following explosion in Bossaso