1. E

    God Bless Yemen and Palestine

    This Yemeni Youtuber went around trying to get people to burn the Somali flag. But they all declined out of respect for Somalia.
  2. Manafesto

    OPINION Self-Managed home Abortion and children born out of Wedlock on the rise in Somalia in a country where there is no Abortion clinics.

    I notice the more rabidly anti-abortionists are male. Hmmm. I wonder what that means? Does it mean you're seeking control over something you clearly don't have control of? Abortions happen in Somalia and at Somali Western households as well. They will continue to happen. Will they happen in...
  3. angelplan

    UofA-led project saves lives in Somalia, Uganda through solar-powered oxygen system
  4. F

    Secrets of economic growth

    What do you think are the key determinants of a country’s economic and social development? Life in modern-day society is complex. It requires numerous complementary ingredients and, if just one of them is missing, it will have huge negative effects. Thus, two equally poor countries may suffer...
  5. 486th President

    What if the civil war never happened and Somalia became a Communist state

    What If the civil war never happened and Somalia became a communist state? Meaning when Siad Barre takes power he goes FULL communist. This time NO CIVIL WAR.... what’s the outcome of This type of Somalia? I also made the flag myself :samwelcome: you can use it just credit me plz
  6. 486th President

    What if Afar had joined Greater Somalia?

    How would history look after independence? Would there still be a tribal war? Would Afars just claim to be Somali?
  7. ق

    OPINION Would Farmajo resort to violence like his mentor Abiy Ahmed?

    March 15, 2021 By Abdirahman Hashi (Burhan) Although both Ethiopia and Kenya are Somalia’s historical enemies and have Somali territories under their control, nevertheless Ethiopia had robbed more land and people from Somalia than Kenya. Since the 16th century, Ethiopias expansionist strategy...
  8. piracy

    What does...

    What does Somalia need to do to develop. What do you think the president of Somalia needs to do to make Somalia better
  9. Karim

    BREAKING NEWS OFFICIAL: KENYA withdraws from maritime dispute case with SOMALIA.
  10. angelplan

    ANALYSIS Decoded: Canada's Somalia Affair

    A scandal in Somalia caused the disbandment of a military regiment thousands of kilometres away in Canada. More than two decades later, the maple leaf military still hasn’t recovered.
  11. piracy


    I have to say this. We have to change our country's name. It is so annoying how some random white person can say he is somali if he is born there, and all the ethnic minorities claiming they somali making non somali's think we look like Ayrabs and Sheeiit. :tacky: Gotta change our name. We gotta...