1. Netflix

    Somali travellers, where have you been in Somaliweyn, and what was your most memorable experience?

    Feel free to go in-depth with your stories.
  2. ℑ𝔫𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔫𝔢𝔱 𝔑𝔬𝔪𝔞𝔡


    Is it me or is it the most cucked thing for a nation is to identify as a common wealth country? Its has the same vibe where Somalilanders cry to the British as if they our older brothers. Why would any country that has an ounce of pride use this label and go to their shitty events. In the...
  3. Mr. Nur

    Somalia could be on the hands of our enemies who could start a civil war at any time. Could the war be started by the UAE?

    Those bastards would make a plan which is It's practically the easiest. They'll Arm our Confederacy Mini states to fight against Mogadishu central power. Very Easy! Somalia can't be a political object where those with fat pockets micromanage it for geological purposes. Why is the UAE funding...
  4. ℑ𝔫𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔫𝔢𝔱 𝔑𝔬𝔪𝔞𝔡

    Climate change and east Africa's future TL;DR if these predictions are true Somalia and the whole world could fucked.
  5. L

    Ethiopia declaring they want to get rid of liyu police

    Asc and ramadan mubarak my waryas and fellow sisters😅 I wanted to get your thoughts and this breaking news going on around the past days, Ethiopia wanting to get rid of liyu police. We know abiy took onlf off from the terror list groups and made them officially national or ethnical “heroes”...
  6. N

    Somalia's economy and ways to improve it

    Somalia's economy and ways to improve it As we know older generation are slowly either dying, moving back home, or unable to send remittance money to their families & relatives in Somalia. Also their children & grand children in most of the time have little to non contact & attachment with the...
  7. Smif-N-Wessun

    Kenyaati Serial Killer Smothers Old Cadan Women

    Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir is a 50-year-old Kenyan murderer and suspected serial killer accused of the murders of elderly women in Dallas, Texas and its surrounding suburbs. As of June 2022, Chemirmir has been indicted for 22 murders The victims ages ranged from 76 to 94. Top row: Catherine...
  8. Calaami

    The Somalia blackpill

    Terrible road quality, add to that the roads are extremely narrow and houses have been built on the sides so there’s no expanding the road without invoking imminent domain (and this would cause clan warfare I reckon).:gladbron: Politics wise we’re a mess. We don’t have a working constitution...
  9. N

    There are must be an organized group who's behind these negative coverage of somalia

    Whenever you search price of guns ak 47 & other ak models, bkm Deshike & others there must be at least 3 to 5 mentions & articles about Somalia, specially Mogadishu at top. Who's benefiting from these negative articles? These articles have one purpose to abuse the SEO and make somalia (...
  10. S

    Somali digital creator Anwar Ahmed (podcaster + self help/gym) is fine

    Somali guys who go to the gym be fine, Anwar Ahmed on IG:anwarahmed4 is a good example. One of the most in fit and active somali men i have seen, his page is a travelling/self help page. Nice to see somali guys in this space Also the braids on him 🔥
  11. S

    Fine Somali men (mugshot editon)

    i dont know why but seeing random somalis on these criminal pages makes me die laughing 😭😭💀 examples of the finest ones
  12. S

    Beautiful Somali girls thread (on social media)

    Somali women are some of the most beautiful women on earth, and they should be celebrated and appreciated Especially Somali girls in the west for embracing their skin tone and hair texture and being on a healthy weight, unfortunately our sisters in Somalia are bleaching themselves and...
  13. S

    Finest Somali men thread (on Social Media)

    Alot of people like to insult Somalis for our looks, whether men or women, but theirs attractive and less attractive people in every single group Some people are just more taller or shorter, some are more skinny, whilst others may be more fat. Not every single English white guy looks like Henry...
  14. Ragaasi

    Gov. Of Somalia says millions seized from Al Shabaab bank accounts

  15. Ragaasi

    Only in Somalia

    My friend sent me this lol. :deadrose: :deadmanny:
  16. M


    SomaliSpot family Looks like we have a new Miss Somalia and she’s from London but lives in MN apparently She’s 22, is launching an NGO, building a hospital in Somalia & representing us in Miss World after Khadija Omar last year, wow! She also collabed with her uncle Suldaan Seeraar to make her...
  17. Velœcity

    Basra apreciation thread

    This is basra apreciation thread, she is the best member of sspot it’s time she gets apreciation as the ayeeyo of sspot. I, boqorki grant @Basra Ayeeyo of Sspot title thanks keep up the work and bring more click bait threads inshallah 🙏🏾
  18. LibaanSom

    We Should’ve Mobilized The Somali-Community

    During April-December of 2021, there has been massive Ethiopian protests taking place all over the US, especially in the capital of Washington D.C. This happened during the peak of the Ethiopian Civil War, so I think you might be getting why these protests happen. what if I told you, both...
  19. C

    Watch the video very beneficial Insha’allah

    I hope we can help our country but we can’t if foreign dictators destroy our country because of the geopolitical advantage it has for them (the USA and their allies). We have a puppet as our president, Al-Shabab is made by the US and Xalane the fortified base is controlling our country. I am a...
  20. Velœcity

    African American speaks Somali

    I seriously can’t believe I only stumbled on this video now smh, an AA man from Ohio conversing with the Somali locals a must see for all Somalis. Wallahi I couldn’t stop laughing :russ::pachah1::mjlol: