1. Cush

    HISTORY Anyone Know The History of Macrobia?

    Anyone Know The History of Macrobia? Very mysterious place, pleasre share the knowledge you guys know
  2. Maintainnnin

    The Gash Group (ca. 3000-1400 BC) is the Land of Punt

    The Gash Group is a neolithic culture situated in the Southeastern Sudan and Northern Eritrea region. The academic consensus based on the most recent archeological evidence is that this culture is the Land of Punt. Excavations at its capital of Mahal Teglinos revealed evidence of permanent...
  3. Marshall D Abdi

    Land of punt + Macrobians= Horn of africa

    Most detailed edited video about land of punt :lawd:

    Popular YouTube channel talking about the Red Sea trade involving Punt!

    One of my favourite YouTube channels has been delving into the history of economics, trade and commerce between ancient empires and nations, my favourite topic when it comes to learning about civilisations. On this video, he addressed the Red Sea trade between Ptolemaic Egypt and Rome with Punt...
  5. CaliTedesse

    Ancient Puntite clothing

    Men from Punt Carrying Gifts. They are carrying frankincense. The land of frankincense was Horn of Africa especially the Somali penunsila. I was looking at their clothing. Do the people of the horn still wear that?
  6. The alchemist

    Land of Punt?

    Let me be real here for a second. We have no proof that the Land of Punt was in modern Somalia. It might have been in the Horn, but we have no real evidence of this. It's all speculation created by a dumb ancient Egyptian myth about their affinity and likeness to these mysterious people from...
  7. Crow

    Land of Punt: Secretarybird depiction found in paintings confirms African location

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secretarybird These birds of prey are found in the open grasslands and savannahs all across sub-Saharan Africa from east to west to south. The important bit is that they are only found in Africa so the Arabian Peninsula is no longer a contender as a possible...
  8. DeathWish

    BLACK Civilizations

    The Land of Punt Is Somalia Black Egypt @OmarLittle @Knowthyself @Assata Shakur @DuctTape @Canuck @Steamdevolopment @jugjugwacwac @Inquisitive_ @Netero @Madara x @Garad @Grant @Prince of Hobyo
  9. Baraf

    Ancient Somali hairstyles

    *No derailing please* So these last few days I've been twisting my hair and have finally completed my hair style. I basically put my hair into mini twists and I expect to keep my hair this way for at least a month. It sort of appears as faux braids. I just wanted to see If I could do the same...