1. Burbax

    Why do people seem to think that white people created LGBTQ or were the first ones to be accepting of it?

    The West recently "started" to be more accepting of LGBTQ people but they were fairly behind many cultures that were accepting of homosexuality pre-colonization and still are. The Americas were colonized by puritanical people that wanted to get away from Elizabethan England and were very similar...
  2. angelplan

    HISTORY Stories on stones: The hidden rock engravings of Abourma in Djibouti

    In french language In english language
  3. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS A colored clan map of Somalia (1955) by I.M Lewis and Muuse Haji Ismaciil Galaal

    I have crudely painted this map before, but I put about 40 minutes of effort into cleaning it up. It should be useful for anyone interested in learning the geography of Somali clans. There are some small mistakes and parts of it are not up to date, but it is roughly accurate. This is the base...
  4. Helios

    HISTORY Ethiopian Royal Chronicle: Nur Ibn Mujahid & Galawdewos

    The Xabashi perspective of the later stages of the Adal conflict with the death of Imam Ahmad and the later subsequent fighting between Negus Galawdewos and Nur Ibn Mujahid (Master of the 2nd Conquest) translated by Dr. Solomon Gebreyes...
  5. M

    Is This True?

    These people descend from Somalis? I've never heard about any interaction between Somalis and Madagascans. Antemoro people
  6. Nomadite

    Masaman's 2021 Ethno-Racial Map of the World (Part 1: Africa)

    I'll give it to him, his knowledge of the bare basics has improved, quite a lot actually. His genetic knowledge of the place likewise has improved What are your thoughts on this?
  7. Odkac WRLD

    HISTORY 60s and 70s Somali photos colorized.

    Aden Adde taking oath of office Aden Adde official portrait The President's motorcade
  8. Helios

    HISTORY Historic Photos from the Paulitschke Expedition

    Phillipe Paulitschke was a French explorer who visited the Waqooyi and continued to Harar in the 1880s. Here's the link Zeylac An Cisse Dir Geeljire at a well The Emir of Harar Abdallah Ibn Ali Abdishakur Harari citizen Zeyla looking towards the northern coast Cisse Ugaas Rooble...
  9. Invader

    Iconic Somali Photos

    Post photos like these that have meanings to it. Djiboutians striving for independence. No to General de Gaulle Freedom or Death
  10. M

    GENETICS T-Y45591 migration into the Horn of Africa

    The most popular hypothesis is that it arrived via South Arabians due to proximity and archeological findings in Somaliland showing the remains of South Semitic peoples. However, I think maybe the progenitor of the T-haplogroup Somalis might've come from North Arabian speaking populations: 1)...
  11. pablo

    Ancient Kingdom Of Sam’al

    There was a kingdom called Sam’al in ancient turkey, the language they spoke was called samalian and that was what the people were called too. Eventually it was taken over by the Neo-Assyrian empire. Coincidence :cosbyhmm: what do you think? Who are these high IQ imposters:wtf...
  12. Helios

    "The Guide to Astronomy"

    I was poking around looking for old Chinese handwriting and I ended up stumbling on this manuscript called "The Guide to Astronomy" You can find and download this and other texts here for free :icon e smile: https://www.wdl.org/en/item/11430/
  13. Helios

    Italian Somaliland 1911 Exposition

  14. Marshall D Abdi

    Somalia was hardcore Pan African

    watch how much we fallen wallahi
  15. Helios

    Throwback: Somali Men's National Basketball Team

    Too much drip :obama:
  16. Atoore

    Faarax Maxamed Cawl- Somali writer.

    I’ve come across one of the works of Faarax Cawl, a somali writer. He was known for being the first somali novelist to use the Latin script after it was introduced in 1972. His work i’ve come across is called Garbaduubkii Gumeysiga (the shackles of colonialism) Cawl was reportedly killed in...
  17. Farabuuto

    Who else is a history fan?

    As a side thing, I love digging into old and ancient Somali history, as well as other east African countries. There's many things I found that I bet were never mentioned in here haha. I feel a lot of things have been forgotten and corrupted too. :dzmxmmb:
  18. Ahmed Abdirahman

    This man has figured out the entire Coronavirus problem.

    WARNING: this may shock you.
  19. Prince Abubu

    HISTORY Sada Mire's Book 'Divine Fertility' has been published

    Divine Fertility: The Continuity in Transformation of an Ideology of Sacred Kinship in Northeast Africa (UCL Institute of Archaeology Publications) This book uniquely explores the impact of indigenous ideology and thought on everyday life in Northeast Africa. Furthermore, in highlighting the...
  20. IftiinOfLife

    Brussels Conference Act of 1890: Created to FORBID the sale of WEAPONS to AFRICANS

    UNLESS THEY WERE COONS :drakelaugh: I quote British colonial record https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/1910-04-07/debates/351434a9-3ab5-425b-be65-7872a4b4749b/Somaliland(DefenceOfNatives) Countries that agreed to not selling weapons to Africa Austria-Hungary Belgium Congo Free State...