1. H

    Worst Hairstyles Thread

    Post them, you have to one up the ugliest one. Beat this :dead:
  2. CanIDimo

    Museveni calls out weave wearing Madow women

    Yoweri Museveni is something else :mjlol::pachah1::lolbron:
  3. CaliTedesse

    Any Somali brother mastered the art of 360 waves?

    I'm trying to master the art of 360 waves, but I was wondering is it possible with my curly hair texture. Anyone tried it before? Imagine rocking 360 waves as an Afro-Arab, becoming the true pinnacle of manliness. With my 8 incher and muscular physique, Al Arab women would kneel for me, Al...
  4. Baraf

    Ancient Somali hairstyles

    *No derailing please* So these last few days I've been twisting my hair and have finally completed my hair style. I basically put my hair into mini twists and I expect to keep my hair this way for at least a month. It sort of appears as faux braids. I just wanted to see If I could do the same...