1. Shirib_queen

    Somalia needs proper sharia law and those against it are against the prophet and Allah

    I believe sharia law would fix 100% of somalias problems
  2. Mr. Nur

    #TheBlueRevolution in #Laascaanood #Somalia #unity

    I was moved by this clip, and I believe that Laascaanood will be the future leader of Somalia Republic, insha Allah. Why? Can't you see how their people have lost interest in the separatist regime of Somaliland and recognized the unity of Somalia? It's real, and it's hitting harder than before...
  3. Mr. Nur

    Why is Somalia states being divided nowadays? #somalia

    I am not hating on states, but there is already enough division in Somalia. Say no to #Division in Somalia There have been various proposals and attempts to divide Somalia into smaller regions or states, but any further division could have significant political and social implications, and...
  4. Mr. Nur

    Ma Sha Allah, look how beautiful and advanced #Somalia🇸🇴was under AUN Mohammed Siad Barre

    My forefathers fought for the unity of #Somalia, my uncles died fighting against foreign troops for the unity of #Somalia and I will continue to fight for the unity of #Somalia. Our unity will not die in the hands of gaal raac and Axmaaro raac, that’s for sure. May Allah bless my #Somalia and...
  5. Mr. Nur

    xplosive Revelation: Israel's Secret Attacks on Somalia Uncovered

    United States and Israel created Isis, Al-shabaab, Boko-Haram etc… terrorists. Now the idea of “preventing global terrorism” simply means to plant more! This time in #Africa because Africa seems to be shifting away from West. Israel has one interest in this game and that is to control the world...
  6. Mr. Nur

    Seeing Hooyo like this May Allah look after this hooyo she is in a lot of pain… #somalia #somali wake up !

    😭😢😭wallahi is so sad seeing hoyo like this May Allah look after this hoyo she is in a lot of pain…she is still taking care of her kids in situation I love how he shows support the somali people in somalia on his TikTok account. Wallahi, he is a real role model for Somali youth. Masha'Allah...
  7. Mr. Nur

    Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud accused of corruption and nepotism in oil and gas deals

    I am not surprised @HassanSMohamud has cheaply signed away Somalia’s #oil and gas within several months. He is also scheming to sale more resources without scrutiny by so called parliament. Sadly #Somalia won’t survive his serious #corruption and #nepotism. Remove this men out! #Farmajo should...
  8. Mr. Nur


  9. Mr. Nur

    Africa is facing a secret threat!!

    How can we avoid these dead traps in Somalia? to be careful so our resources won't be stolen cuz last time I checked Somalia is receiving natural gas and some oil within it's coastline @Idrus any plans?
  10. Mr. Nur

    Our Future #Somalia 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴

    I hope to become a Future Somali Secret Intelligence agent, Insh'Allah. If @Idrus becomes the next Somali dictator, I hope you will have me as your ambassador, walalo! xD
  11. Mr. Nur

    No Wayyyy: Could Africa be a #1 superpower? #Africa #news #report

    y'all don't understand how powerful Africa would be if they had unity within eachother. I'm not suprised but this 100% faxx. This is the real problem with our continent the corruption, if we were united and had good leaders we will be the greatest continent ever. Our genera I wonder where...
  12. Mr. Nur

    Emotional damage 😂😂😂

    this is funny. We don’t need the recognition. We are One Somali. Forever we need to end this bullsh*t mid-set of South Vs North we are One Alx.
  13. Mr. Nur

    what is going on with somali women in Somalia? This is sad 😭😭

    Women are taking dangerous pills to gain weight, having been shamed for being thin. [15:00+] example: "Maryam, who lives in Somalia, took medications she thought would make her body curvier. But instead, she ruined her health. " Obesity in Africa is a “ticking time bomb”, according to...
  14. Mr. Nur

    The Impact of Colonization and Territorial Disputes on Somalia's Land and People

    okay let me explain because the history of the horn is very difficult and long. This picture below is greater Somalia. When Somalia gained it’s independence in 1960. All its Territories were supposed to come together but the colonizers and their allies didn’t let the Somalis do that. Instead...
  15. Mr. Nur

    Exposing the Harmful Actions of White Men Secretly Recording and Coercing Somali Community to Change Religion

    Wow, what a brave abti who caught the white racist men secretly recording and coercing the Somali community to change and challenge our religion. It is very disrespectful. "I wonder what's with the obsession from these white MFs in our Somali community. #StayAwayFromWhiteMenTrap Adanka isca...
  16. Mr. Nur

    Language Shaming: Somali Men Disrespect Nigerian/Liberian Guy for Speaking Somali

    At first, I couldn't stop laughing at how the Somali abti was dissing the men for speaking Somali. I mean, I hope he understands for example Somali Bantu and other ethnic non-somali people who speaks somali exists, lol. But all jokes aside.. I hope our people understand It is important to...
  17. Mr. Nur

    Mogadishu floods

    Don't worry though I heard Hassan Sheikh will install it soon insha allah. He met with the president of Serbia to discuss development deals including drainage system a week ago before this started. He has big plans for Somalia, it’s a shame this happened. Our people deserve better 🤲 if the...
  18. Mr. Nur

    Don't come for somalia again and if anything for those anti-somali haters

    Seen alot of anti-Somali haters but we need to remind them who they're messing around with or teach them some history lessons. This video is for them. #SomaliPride This video are for them #somalipride
  19. Mr. Nur

    Celebrating Somali Culture: Why We Should Be Proud of Who We Are

    I can't wait to go back Insh' Allah one day! As a Somali Standards Professional, we maintain leading International Standards through an inclusive consensus-driven approach based on traditional Somali values we as somali youth should Embrace our Somali Culture: Celebrating Our Rich Heritage and...