1. Falcon

    Farmaajo Succumbs to Pressure From the Int’ Community to Release Journalist From Jail, a Day After Sentencing

    The pressure to release Abdiaziz Gurbiye have been mounting on Farmaajo and his cronies the past 24 hours, and they’ve finally succumbed to that pressure. Nikka thought he could play little dictator on the comfort of the international support/protection (amisom). They must’ve threatened to drag...
  2. Manafesto

    Somalia's Minister of Information says the gov't recognizes anyone who dies in Somalia at this moment died of #COVID19

    FGS is claiming anyone who dies around Mogadishu and surrounding areas to be a victim of Corono virus to boost the numbers and receive more IC aid. How can a dumbfuck farmer like this from Kuntuwareey is a minister, Only in Somalia:snoop: