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    Gaalo of Somalispot: What is stopping you from killing and how can you have morality without God?

    The Muslims of Somalispot need to know. @Deactivated @VixR @AussieHustler @Shushue @Baki @Kudhufo Kadhaqaq
  2. S

    How to beat your wife (with love) intended for Basra

    Get you a man like Veedu @Basra :trumpsmirk:
  3. Zach

    Wtf China

    China declared Islam as contagious illness. They are putting Muslims in camps and jailing them for no other reason than being Muslim
  4. S

    China Is Treating Islam Like a Mental Illness

    The chinese state has lately increased its draconian measures against muslim by example closing mosques as shown below. In defending its internment camps for uyghur muslims it has resorted to comparing islamic beliefs to a mental illness for which the only remedy is forced hospitalization...
  5. S

    Why Muslims Leave Islam? (Animated)

    Is the answer, questioning why you're asking the question instead of addressing the deep philosophical, historical and scientifical problems of Islam? :cosbyhmm: And is supra rational not merely blind faith? :hmm: @Knowles @Geeljire sanbuur what is your opinion on the matter?
  6. S

    Why couldn't a single muslim country be in top 25 best countries for women?

    Best places to be a woman: 1: Denmark (obiviously) 2: Feminist Sweden 3: Smelly Norway 4: Netherlands 5: Finalnd 6: Canada 7: Switzerland 8: Australia 9: New Zealand 10: Germany 11: Luxemborg 12: Austria 13: UK 14: France 15: Ireland (abort banning) 16: US 17: Japan 18: Spain 19: Italy 20...
  7. S

    Girls avoid Nikah only! English law applies to Islamic marriage, judge rules in divorce case

    Factual basis: A woman after 20 years marriage was seeking to be divorced under English Courts. The question at heart was if Nikah should be voided or if the non-existence legality meant that the woman had no claim under English court and no claim to financial assets. The ruling: The Court ruled...
  8. Eru Ilúvatar

    Have you seen this vid?

  9. S

    If a man has sexual intercourse with his wife and gets discharge first, the child will resemble the

    man, and if the women discharge first the child will resemble the woman from Sahih al-Bukhari 3329. There is nothing empirical to support that notions, in fact most reproductive study have shown that gender selection is random 50/50 though weather can affect it, but not female discharge:draketf:
  10. Lugouy

    The best way to learn how to read Quran

    I am currently in my holiday period but have nothing planned. I would like to make use of that time to learn how to read quran. Do any of you guys have any good books. My friend agreed to help but he is Turkish so he doesn't have any english Books to refer to. Thanks in advance
  11. Zach


    Do you guys had the talk with your parents? Like not just that sex before marriage is haram but like how the first night usually goes?
  12. Karim

    Is wearing makeup in public permissible for women?!!!

    Is wearing makeup in public permissible for women?!!
  13. Elijah Muhammed

    How to protect yourself from the evil eye

    Need the information:damedamn:
  14. Elijah Muhammed

    Teacher vs student about islam fight

    Bruh craziest thing happend today 2 people were fighting. a Arab kid and a swedish kid and after the teachers(white) broke up the fight the teacher talked with arab kid and said to him why are you fighting when it's ramadan. The arab kid got insanely mad about him talking about islam and started...
  15. Puffin Stuff

    Tommy Robinson

    One of the pricks behind the EDL was arrested today. But, I don't know whether we can add it, because reporting on his arrest is illegal. Or something. Any comments...
  16. Karim

    Some healthy benefits of Ramadan

    Provides tranquility of the heart and mind There is intense spiritual meaning to Ramadan for those who fast. Muslims practice generosity by being charitable, family-bonding by gathering around the iftar table, spirituality by praying, and self-control by practicing good manners. All these...
  17. Yuna09

    Somali teens are retarded

    Need I say more :lolbron::damn:
  18. H

    An advice and warning to Muslims

    Salaam aleikum As a revert to Islam myself I want to warn other reverts and genuine Muslims in general of what I believe may be an organised system of deviant individuals and groups impersonating Sunni Muslims including Salafiyyah and may appear to be highly convincing by using extreme taqqiya...
  19. Zach

    Sabrina dhowre

    she made it to the MET GALA! That means she is legit a celebrity now.. what do you guys think of her?
  20. Ahmed Alawi

    This Hadith is why Somali's do FGM on little girls

    In this glorious hadith, we learn how to amuse girls who are having their clitorises cut off. Also, POP QUIZ! According to this Hadith, what is really Satanic? A person singing, or A person cutting off the clitorises of young girls