What Kind of Muslim Are You? (no apostates please)

Which would you best describe yourself as?

  • Sunni

  • Shiite

  • Salafist

  • Sufi

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I'm curious on what certain branch of Islam you guys adhere to. I personally am not entirely sure on where I fall on the spectrum as my family is full of Sufis but I don't really agree with much of their mystical elements but I'm also not entirely sure as to whether or not I fully believe in Salafism either. Anyways, what's your guys' position on this?
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You have to admit, it's mad weird calling yourself non-denominational. I'm just saying.

But technically I'm doing you a favor. I keep this shit hot, you get more traction, more people view your thread and you get your answers.
I’m sorry, I gave him the Muslim pass. I know, I’m a terrible hall monitor.:(


I don't like labels, you're either a Muslim, or you aren't.
I do somewhat agree with this sentiment; after all the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not either a Sunni or a Shiite or a Sufi or a Salafist. However, people express their devoutness in different ways as Muhammad (PBUH) hasn't been in this world for a millennia or so so it's quite hard to pin down "the right Islam" because it's almost entirely subjective. Definitely do respect this kind of mentality, though.
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