1. GhostOfSomalia

    Legitimacy Of Somali DNA Project on FamilyTreeDNA

    It was narrated from Abu Dharr (may Allaah be pleased with him) that he heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say: “Any man who knowingly claims to belong to someone other than his father has committed an act of kufr. Anyone who claims to belong to a people when he has no...
  2. M

    The Most Somali Looking Maasai

    I didn't know maasais could look like this. :ohhh:
  3. Bourbaki

    GENETICS Genetic Distance between African/Arab/European groups

    I thought this was pretty cool, note that for the graph on the top right the vertical axis has 9x the weight of the horizontal axis so the vertical axis is the most important by far. You can also see their sample for Somali South has a few anomalies, matching close to the Kikuyu people. Maybe...
  4. M

    Is This True?

    These people descend from Somalis? I've never heard about any interaction between Somalis and Madagascans. Antemoro people
  5. Boogie

    Do u think the somali hunter gathers were...

    Like the Hadza? :cosbyhmm::cosbyhmm::cosbyhmm::cosbyhmm:
  6. Boogie

    Is accurate

    I came across this website it made Somalis look like narrow faced indians :damn:
  7. Cerberus

    100% Somali

    Hello all, I am new to the forum. Nickname is Ozzy. I am 100% Somali from Beledweyne area and not a drop of Ethiopian or anything else in me except 2% Neanderthal genes. Also myself and other pure Somalis have the HIV resistance Gene. That means HIV is hard for us to get and if we do manage...
  8. Hayfever

    Thomas Jefferson waa in adeerkay

    P.s both my parents are habar jeclo, muse abokor
  9. Arabsiyawi

    GENETICS How do I upload my Big Y results to YFull?

    It's all in the title lol
  10. Thegoodshepherd

    GENETICS Somali Founder Effect & Genetic Diversity

    It seems that the average Somali is more inbred than the product of a normal second cousin marriage, and FROH (measure of inbreeding) of 0.015 for children of second cousins and a higher higher 0.018 for the average Somali. This is apparently due to present day preference for consanguineous...
  11. The alchemist

    GENETICS Neanderthal DNA Found in Africans

    Here is the link: tl;dr They've inferred that an early European-related back migration after the Asian split introduced Human/Neanderthal hybridization into the African gene pool. The researchers have based this method on a combination...
  12. The alchemist

    Senior Doctors Call for Crackdown on Home Genetic Testing Kits

    "False results have told women they have mutations linked to breast and ovarian cancer" "Senior doctors have called for a crackdown on consumer genetic tests, following an influx of patients who have been wrongly told they are carrying dangerous mutations linked to cancer or other devastating...
  13. The alchemist

    The 'Ghosts' of 2 Unknown Extinct Human Species Have Been Found in Modern DNA

    "When modern humans started emerging from Africa and spreading throughout Eurasia, they found many places already occupied by older hominids such as Neanderthals and Denisovans. As humans do, we got rather friendly with our new neighbours: evidence of that hanky panky lives on in our DNA today...
  14. The alchemist

    GENETICS Genetic Origins of The Philistines

  15. The alchemist

    GENETICS Haplogroup J-P58

    Is it common among Somalis? Got a connection with a person who carried that haplogroup on 23andMe.
  16. Prince Abubu

    Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders

    The ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge travelled west across the Mediterranean before reaching Britain, a study has shown. What do you think?
  17. CaliTedesse

    Can we say the male line is a determining factor when it comes to identity

    In old times Arab and Somali and Islamic culture it is the male line that defines ones ethnic and group. Of course this is also Islamically re-enforced. Some other cultures in the world also hold this view. Now can we say this is backed by science? We all know paternal Haplogroups is a...
  18. E

    GENETICS What is Known About YDNA Haplogroup T (T-CTS2214)

    I am Ethiopian, but my YDNA is within T1a1a1a, which is common among northern Somalis,not much among Ethiopians. What is known about this haplogroup?

    Who are the Natufians?

    And what is there relationship to modern Somalis? What did their genetic makeup look like? I’ve seen many on this forum mentioning them, but I can’t really find much online about this civilisation. Are all Northeast Africans related to them?
  20. Keeysan

    Question about innate Somali talent

    I’ve been seeing some clips of IAAF and other similar leagues for athletes. I want to know is this athletic prowess hiding in Somalis? or it’s restricted to Oromo-Kalenjin and their related brethren whose blood remained in some Eritreans/ Sudanese