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Hello all, I am new to the forum. Nickname is Ozzy. I am 100% Somali from Beledweyne area and not a drop of Ethiopian or anything else in me except 2% Neanderthal genes. Also myself and other pure Somalis have the HIV resistance Gene. That means HIV is hard for us to get and if we do manage to get it, the viral load will be reduced by 90% as the body as extra special proteins to alert Immune system and up defenses better than average person without the Gene. We also have immunity to NoroVirus. But the shocker is that the same HIV resistance Gene we have also is responsible for making Covid19 more dangerous and deadlier so stay safe. The more Somali you have in you the more you need to take precautions to avoid dying from Covid19.

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Welcome to the forum, but I would be careful with those studies that associate SNPs with health outcomes. This science is less advanced than the ancestry systems those genome companies produce. Medical genetics is still in its infancy and much more difficult than guessing where a person is from.


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