1. Falcon

    Galmudug Ceel Dibir, Mudug

  2. Falcon

    Galmudug Adado Stadium

    No this is not Camp nou or Bernabeu it's Adado stadium. :pachah1:
  3. Atoore

    Cabudwaaq airport being built.

    Less than two months after Galmudug state elections, an airport is already being built in one of the biggest towns in Galmudug. reer “wHaTs fArMaAjO dOiNg fOr cAbUdWaAq” soo gala :hillarybiz:
  4. Automaton

    Federalism was Created by the Previous Ethiopian Gov to Devide Somalia. Divided Somalia cannot rise because they are busy fighting among themselves, like the wars between the federal states. Few elite "people" benefit while the rest are blindsided by this...
  5. angelplan

    Reconciliation conference Galmudug capital, Dhusamareb

  6. Cam

    Family of woman accused of posing as a man in Galkacyo (GM side) speaks out

    The story never made sense 1)This woman could never pass as a man 2) If she tried she would be killed 3) She is living in hostile territory SUMMARY: She was taken from the PL side of GK to the GM side by random men (God knows what they did to her) now all of a sudden she is thrown in jail and...
  7. Karim

    XAAF capitulates to the FGS demands.

    In a stunning twist of events, Galmudug president accepts FGS terms to hold region's leadership elections in July and unexpectedly withdrew his treaty with Ahlusunna Waljamaaca accusing them of excessive political greed.
  8. Rise

    Galmudug: "Puntland's development is a hindrance to Galmudug".

    "Galmudug oo War Ka Soo Saartay Booqashada Raisal Wasaare kheyre ee Puntland iyo Dekadda Garacad.. “Galmudug waxay walaac xoogan iyo shaki badan ka qabtaa wararka tilmaaya in Raiisal wasaare kheyre mashaariic ka dhagax dhigayo deegaano ka tirsan nugaal iyo mudug oo ay qeyb ka tahay dhismaha...
  9. Rise

    AlShabab poised to attack Hobyo

    "Mida 1-aad ayaa lagu macneeyay iney tahay gurmad ay doonayaan iney u fidiyaan maleeshiyaad ka dagaalamaya deegaanada Caad Iyo Maamiyo ee gobalka Mudug, halka wararka kale ay sheegayaan iney tahay cabsi laga qabo weeraro Xoogaga Al shabaab ay ku qaadaan degmada Hobyo oo maal mihii ugu danbeeyay...
  10. DRACO

    No Amisom in Galmudug

    I noticed in a thread Some puntlanders Keep spreading #FakeNews believing in the notion that they a superior from all other Somalis regions . Certain puntlanders claimed that they are the only Amisom free region of Somalia&a claimed that Amisom operates in Galmudug but that is absolutely False...
  11. DRACO

    Galmudug president Haaf tells farmajo to know his place!

    Galmudug president Haaf tells failmajo he can deal as he wishes with our allies the UAE. Failmajo must respect the federal states policies! Galmudug Pres Haaf says state free to deal with UAE after talks with President Farmaajo. "We have no problem with Gulf giving us something whether it is...
  12. DR OSMAN

    Galmudug Presidential Palace. Pic

    Looks way better then PL cabinet hall!!!
  13. A

    Galmudug Hobyo to wisil road phase 1.

    Hobyo - Galkayo road first phase is also almost complete:qri8gs7: Locally funded projects as well:qri8gs7:
  14. A

    Deg Deg. reer Cabudwaaq protests!

  15. A

    Ahlusuna Joins Galmudug! This is good news:qri8gs7: Xaaf would be...
  16. A


    Tomorrow is the 14th of August, the day the autonomous Galmudug state of Somalia was established.:rejoice: Happy 11th anniversary to my Galmudugians:friendhug: Rules of the thread: 1) Post anything related to Galmudug's anniversary. 2) No derailing HOBEEY GALMUDUG GALMUDUG WAXAY CAAN KU...