Dozens dead in Central Somalia as villagers battle al-Shabab


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“We have reports that nearly 30 people, including 16 militants, [have been] killed in the Shabeelow village, where civilians ... took up arms [to] battle the terrorists“

“Five hours of fierce battles on Friday killed 14 villagers and many others were hospitalised in the town of Galkayo, Abdi Siyaad, a local elder, told the dpa”.

They (Al Shabab) have been putting pressure on locals living in Shabeelow in Mudug in order to force them [to] surrender their arms and livestock animals for so-called holy war”



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We need more brave villagers to take up arms and kill the terrorists from their lands

AUN to the victims who were killed


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We have engineered the Habar Gidirs very well - we have turned them into federalists, and now fighting Al-shabab to the death

Our leaders are actually pretty clever.

2 birds 1 stone


Puntland Youth Organiser
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Do they have the cure for cancer cancer as well?
I'm happy with our leaders wallahi

Puntland is a defacto country LARPING as a federal state while flexing on southies.

We have our land, peaceful and vast, but we're also directing policy in Xamar to put checks and balances in place to suit our interests

better than locking yourselves in a corner for 25 years like SL right?


Maxamed bin Harti

Talo alle udaa/ Ramadan karim
Villagers have been fighting these terrorists all over central somalia with no help from anyone. Inshallah the end is near for these terrorist scum when more people rise and fear them no more.


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