1. ℑ𝔫𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔫𝔢𝔱 𝔑𝔬𝔪𝔞𝔡

    South Korea is finished

    4B (or "Four No's") is a radical feminist movement originating in South Korea in 2019. Its members renounce four activities 4B is shorthand: bihon is the refusal of heterosexual marriage. Bichulsan is the refusal of childbirth biyeonaeis saying no to dating bisekseu is the rejection of...
  2. R

    Retweet of a sexist joke by Washington Post reporter sent rabid feminist colleague into a tirade, ultimately costing her own job

    Began last Friday when a WaPo reporter retweeted this juvenile sexist joke (was he drunk?) For which he apologized, but it's too late as he's been (justly) suspend for a month without pay Laakiin his feminist co-worker didn't want to let him get off
  3. The Somali Caesar

    Dr Umar Johnson shuts down LGBT femenist Shaniqua

    I can’t lie I used to think Dr Umar Johnson was just a meme. He’s actually a very articulate dude it’s just the way he comes across is memeable :wow1:
  4. AishaBarri

    Why does feminism have such a bad reputation?

    For as long as I’ve been on this forum and most spaces outside of mainstream social media, I’ve noticed a general disdain/dislike of feminism. I’ve been accused of being a feminist several times despite having rational and mild views. You’d think that I was seriously campaigning to bring down...
  5. Abdisamad

    Some funny cartoon depiction of sj, blm twitter

    This is too funny :russ:
  6. Abdisamad

    Twitter is toxic walahi

    Twitter is a feminist man hating nest.. The place needs to be purified with holy fire :gucciwhat: Nigerian :yloezpe: Somali men :9uoofqd: Arab men.. The qashin getting interviewed :mjlol:
  7. S

    Malecentric patriarchal system turned strong women to atheism

    Since @kaluumayste want to play this game here is the counter. Women are leaving in islam due to its malecentric patriarchal system and find freedom in atheist and even Christianity. Testimony 1: Testimony 2: Start 8:02 Testimony 3: Start 2:01 Testimony 4: @Knowles @AussieHustler @Baki...
  8. S

    Steam has an announcement

    I'm a dude. The end. @Knowles @AussieHustler @Baki @Reiko @simulacrum
  9. S

    Islamic morality is trash and this is why

    The key to understand the cause of the inferior quality of morality from Islam requires understanding the Euthyphro dilemma. The fundamental problem presented to theists including muslim is: Are morally good acts willed by God because they are morally good, or are they morally good because...
  10. S

    Why couldn't a single muslim country be in top 25 best countries for women?

    Best places to be a woman: 1: Denmark (obiviously) 2: Feminist Sweden 3: Smelly Norway 4: Netherlands 5: Finalnd 6: Canada 7: Switzerland 8: Australia 9: New Zealand 10: Germany 11: Luxemborg 12: Austria 13: UK 14: France 15: Ireland (abort banning) 16: US 17: Japan 18: Spain 19: Italy 20...
  11. S

    Girls avoid Nikah only! English law applies to Islamic marriage, judge rules in divorce case

    Factual basis: A woman after 20 years marriage was seeking to be divorced under English Courts. The question at heart was if Nikah should be voided or if the non-existence legality meant that the woman had no claim under English court and no claim to financial assets. The ruling: The Court ruled...
  12. S

    Mammo Malyun appreciation tread: Haters stay out and let us rejoice in our feminista queen

    All hail our feminista Queen fighting for the those who were wronged while looking like this, @RICH, @Basra @Anab @Knowles :qri8gs7:
  13. S

    Calling all the liberated women of Somalispot, this what we needed, the best antheme of 2017

    I don't even like men, but this verse is on fire :) @Reiko want to make the lesbian version? :) Liberated women @GlitzyCue_ @The Cushitic One @Thegoodshepherd
  14. yasmin lan

    Problems with feminism

    1. Most “feminists” don’t understand that feminism is: equality and not women>men 2. Free bleeding (please don’t ask). 3. Using Hilary Clinton (a murderer and a theif) as a spokes woman for women’s rights. 4. Shit taking...
  15. B

    Am I a hypocrite?

    I call myself a feminist. I live my life with feminism in mind. I vote feminist, I speak feminism and I live and breath feminism yet I expect a man to always pay :umwhat: My reasoning is men get more paid than women :notsureif:
  16. Masaasbaa

    Reer Sweden iyo Denmark soo gala

    52% of swedes consider themselves feminists while 27% of Danes consider themselves feminists no wonder @Barni that you're a bit crazy and extreme adeer:ohhh: look at what they show in your televisions as if it is the norm, 52% of your population walks around with that disease. the thing i find...