Calling all the liberated women of Somalispot, this what we needed, the best antheme of 2017

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When you read it out loud, it sounds retarded.

I need tongue, I need face, give me brain, concentrate
I perform, Prada Case, kill a weave, rock a lace
f*ck the Moe, buy the ACE, f*ck the Ghost, drive the Wraith
Get some money, flood the rollie, f*ck the rollie, patty cakes
My career takin' off, these s jogging in place
Swear these s run they mouth, how these s out of shape
Can you stop with all the subs, , I ain't Jared
If you really want some smoke, you can pull up, you can get it
Grab a hand full of braids, make a nigga eat me out
Put a white boy on Sazon, I might turn G-Eazy out
Keep it G from the club till the end, from the start
You know me, Cardi B, pussy poppin' on the charts ah, ah



"You are your best thing"
If that's what it means to be liberated

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