1. 486th President

    Death Penalty?

    Are you guys pro death penalty? or think it should be removed... I personally believe in second chances. Prison was designed for people to do time and become better after. Spending time in a cage for years will only drive you insane, I feel like every first world country should use Finland’s...
  2. K

    End Times Eschatology

    Someone posted about Yayuj and Majuj but i was thinking 1:in what order does everything come 2:who are they 3:are we close to that (prediction) 4Just random information about them 5.discuss Thanx walaal im genuinenly curious! Help a brother its ramadan And how do they look You can also SAY...
  3. Guts

    What's your top 3 animes of 2019?

    Let's start this beautiful thread, come forward my fellow somalispot weebs. 1.Vinland Saga - Amazing animation and storyline made my inner scandi come out 10/10 2. Attack on Titan - Started watching attack on titan from the beginning as i have never seen it before, last season was...
  4. 4head

    Race mixing

    How do you guys feel about Race mixing? Is it a bad thing or good thing? I'm in a right-winged group on FB and they are hating on race mixing and i kinda want to know if my fellow brothers and sisters Somalis are cool with it or hate it. Let me know :sass1::sass2:
  5. MariaMaria

    What is the most self-hating comment you've ever heard?

    I know this topic has been discussed a lot :wow1: but I feel like I've heard some seriously shocking things in my time My UK cousins (born and raised) told me they see themselves as English rather than Somali :wtf: I was shocked to my core, even british people don't know what wtf british...
  6. S

    How does Somalispot feel about LGBT Somalis and the rights that they should have?

    In the light of Christmas let us settle the understanding of LGBT people and their role within our community :) I'd like for all to contribute and make their opinions heard even if they are extreme or hurtful to some LGBTers :) And for LGBT members to be heard @GlitzyCue_ @AbdiJew @Air...
  7. S

    Reiko appreciation thread and the "interesting" views she brings , this will remain a postive thread

    This is an appreciation thread for @Reiko, a cunning person with the ability to make any thread reach high altitudes, and with a bubbly personality to match :) As all humans she has flaws, which won't be mentioned by me, but despite her many "quirks" she powers trough with her inescapable...
  8. ArchBishopofAtheism

    Terror Attack in Edmonton

    A jihadi inbred rams people and stabs a cop (no idea why they didn't end his misery). First such attack of it's kind here in Edmonton. I fucking hate islamists and this inbred was probably Somali too...