1. Pastoralist

    Somalia currency on the way

    The bank will also seeks to establish new branches in all FMS by the end of this year. This I found to be the most ambitious. But it’s a step towards nationilization, expect several boycotts of the currency in some “lands”. Thank you hamze barre.
  2. Pastoralist

    gov’t finally launched awaited data protection

    The education sector thinks this was much needed there will now be accountability for data such as make sure everyone's data is used properly and fairly. Everyone’s public data will be secured and protected. This will help Somalia nationwide. ————————- personal data about customers and clients...
  3. Pastoralist

    Somali excellence. jeegan fuming that their money is being used for Mogadishu

    Mogadishu being rebuilt by hormuud. I want to buy shares of hormuud after this.
  4. Pastoralist

    Mashallah. Hiiran development within 4 months with taxes.

    Hiiran under Ali Jeyte has not wasted any money.
  5. Kizaru

    How to reduce inflation in the modern somali republic

    The West increases interest rates which isn't possible in Somalia for obvious reasons. Introducing fiscal policy could include reduced spending but reducing spending could impact sectors like education and the military. The retards in the Somali central bank keep printing money like there's no...
  6. Rationale

    Idman Community Bank, the first Somali bank to receive ISO certificate

    A good bank to keep an eye on. Their big project to dominate Muqdisho skyline.
  7. 0117


    The Government of Somaliland has developed successive development plans to ad- dress its national development challenges. The National Development Plan (NDP III, 2023-2027) is a medium-term strategy designed to unlock the country's potential in all sectors of the economy to achieve...
  8. 0117

    DEVELOPING NEWS Somaliland delegation to the United States of America THREAD

    The President of Somaliland and a delegation led by him will travel to the US on Saturday. The delegation consists of cabinet members, business & members of CSO. They will travel on a Somaliland passport with a visa issued by the US Embassy in Djibouti.
  9. Thegoodshepherd

    Watch this presentation if you want to understand how cities in Africa work

    Absolutly mindblowing presentation from a World Bank urban economist. The urban form of most African cities is baffling, but this presentation makes sense of it.
  10. angelplan

    Empowerment of the Youth Night, One and one youth development

  11. T

    Lack of Somali male role models in high paying professional careers in the UK

    Whats up my brothers and sisters, I hope you're all good. I am a 20 year old Law student at Uni. I'm just posting this out of curiosity and a bit of frustration. I know the Somali diaspora is (general speaking) young. By that I mean we're just getting settled in western countries and a large...
  12. Leftside

    Ethiopia's PM Abiy Ahmed meets with President Kenyatta at border point.

    Apparently PM Abiy is on a state visit to Kenya. The meeting between the two leaders started at the Moyale Ethiopia-Kenya border point. With the way things have unfolded in the region in recent days, you have to wonder what these guys are upto. Anything that they do or discuss will have an...
  13. Rooble44

    How can we change qabyaalad for the better?

    I just came back from Somalia last month, and the older I get and visit the motherland, the more I understand and appreciate the culture, the philosophy and the societal norms and customs. One main theme that piqued both my interest and undivided attention was the qabyaalad that runs through the...
  14. Galool

    Galmudug VP meets with Italian, Turkish, British and Prime Minister on Development Projects

    The vice president H.E. excellency Ali dahir Eid met H.E. Fabio, The Deputy Ambassador of Italy in Mogadishu. Key achievements of Galmudug priorities,development projects &cooperation btw GMD & Italy Govt. PM Mahdi Guled meeting over development projects
  15. abdullah233

    How china sped up the industrialisation process and how Somalia could learn form it

    There are multiple lessons Somalia could take from China in this aspect creating a navy to patrol our waters is a must. The ability to trade freely is a must free trade is essential in order to develop. Somalia should also create a central bank detached from xamar since Somalia isn't in control...
  16. Sheikh

    Red Berets developmental thread

    This thread is for all the Red Berets massive lands pics, vids for all my Red Berets to share. So if my Red Berets got any gems to share you know the place to share it involving our massive lands alx Jubaland the South, Gobolada Dhexe/K5 @reer @Adaawe @Dues Ex Machete @Dalalos @Addislad...
  17. M

    SOMALILAND Upcoming Development Projects

  18. Somali Napolean

    Serious: What has Farmajo accomplished during his tenure as president?

    Outside of a foreign funded projects what has Farmajo accomplished?
  19. Somali Napolean

    SOMALIA Somalia needs a literacy/education campaign throughout the nation.

    From what I have read estimates of Somalia’s literacy rate are anywhere from as low as 15% to a high of 35%. If this is to be believed, this is clearly a major issue with the population of Somalia when the success of a nation is closely linked to the knowledge of its people. As a result, the...
  20. Yonis

    PUNTLAND Garowe Developments

    Grand Hotel Completed in Garowe and Finally Opened