Imagine you get married only to find out that..

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Finish what you started, And get your 8 hrs of sleep.

drop her off at aabo crib next day and shake the old nigga for your coins:dead:


Well we have married and we are turning a new page, the past does not matter, what matter is the present and preparing for the future. I am a big believer that people can change and be loyal to each other :)


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your wife isn't a virgin.

She hasn't been married before, no one knew she wasn't a virgin, and then right at the first night before you start, she tells you.

What would you do? Suck it up and accept her for who she is? Or maybe call her dad and demand a refund? :samwelcome:
If your wife was previously married ofcourse she wouldn't be a virgin. :comeon:
Nah im not having it, imagine the mother of my future children being mounted unlawfully by another man :jaynerd: .Im hitting her with the triple dhalaq,waxaasu socon mayso.

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Shag her nonstop for a few weeks then return her to family and get them to refund meher in full
You dont pay mehr upfront sxb. Only something called Sooriyo if im saying it right. Mehr is only paid on divorce. Sooriyo is usually Gold that you give her