1. ZUBAYR+_

    Beware of Xamar's best fast food restaurant

    I was at a fast food shop in xamar weyne called Chicking 🐔 (one of two in the city) which has the most macaan fried chicken :lawd: and world-class graphic design. Everything from the menu to the walls looked like a Somali KFC franchise in an alternate reality!! I was really proud of whichever...
  2. Sultan A. Sheikh

    Somalia Summer 2021!?

    Hey imagine if all the diaspora from US, UK, Australia, Scandinavia etc all linked up in Somalia (Mogadishu, Hargeisa etc...) once this pandemics over or even during it because I'm this close to booking a flight to Somalia instead of spending years in my man cave reading forums tbh I can...
  3. Rooble44

    Black US Dollar Bills

    So my cousin called me last night to tell me about boxes of Dollar Bills he found in Afgooye, worth 25 Million US dollars. So naturally I got really happy thinking I can finally stop sending this nigga money. And then he follows that with "The Bills Have Anti-Theft Coating on them, they need a...
  4. Aurelian

    Beautiful video of xamar from the past

    Xamar wey qurux badhnayid :lawd:
  5. Invader

    Say No To Turkey

    I am absolutley disgusted what Erdogan has done. He portrayed himself as the defender of Islam yet not defending his ummah especially of them being Uighurs of Turkic origin. He bought back Haiga Sophia as a mosque yet deporting his brothers to make a few bucks. The end times are near as the...
  6. Calaf

    Charity and Opinion

    Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you And to others, I greet you and say Hello. Dear Somalispotters, The only reason I have returned is for your advice. Now, indeed, I did say...
  7. AIOPZ

    How would Somalia look like without the help of the diaspora?

  8. CaliTedesse

    Arab Unity Roadmap

    Uploaded May 24 2013 Phase I Finalizing a common currency in both regions of the Arab Federation of Nations (The Maghrib and the Mashriq). The 6 GCC members (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE), along with the Kingdom of Morocco and Algeria would unite under a higher body...
  9. Guts

    Mogadishu have their own Kaaba now...

    Subxanallah they are so poor they had to open up their own Kaaba inside mogadishu, this is plain jahiilnimo and islam doesn't allow us to do such things :wtf::drakewtf: look at this miskeen :damn::lolbron:all dressed and ready to perform Al mogadishu hajj:dead:
  10. CanIDimo

    president sells somali girls

    this video though :siilaanyolaugh::pachah1::russ::deadmanny::deadosama::deadpeter: Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is finished
  11. CanIDimo

    NSFW graphic content: bombing in xaarmar, TV presenter dead

    xaarmar is a crazy place. well known tv presenter Awil Dahir Salad was the target. al shabaab is on a roll lately. just thought i would share this.
  12. N

    Farmands in Somalia owned by foreigners?

    Hi, New to here. Was always wondering how much of our farmlands the politicians gave away to foreigners. Heard horror stories about farmers getting kicked out of their lands in Ethiopia. Hope it's not the same for us.
  13. GBTarmy

    heeso Xamar

    I like old classic reer xamar songs, new somali songs are very dull and boring so lets share some classics.
  14. hindhisle

    Former Xamar mayor trolled (AUN)

    Former mogadishu mayor maxamed dheere ( also infamous jowhar emperor) gets trolled by two guys (claiming to be alkebab). The guy is now dead so AUN. Its fucking hillarious. Ps. Can someone get the faysal waraabe nro. and troll him too. I think he is great target for such trolls - such a...
  15. chosen one

    SOMALIA Mogadishu under heavy construction

  16. H

    Reer Waqooye vs Reer Banaadiri accent : Funny shit KKKK

  17. K

    Nice football match in Xamar

    A little bit of positivity for the day:banderas: And Waaberi won:banderas:
  18. xisaabiye

    After 30 years Waaberi vs Hodan Soccer Match

  19. CrossEdge

    So my parents are going to Xamar for the first time since forever

    What's it like I'm getting goosebumps thinking about what might happen looking through the news with shootings/explosions/suicide bombers I'm getting anxious about their safety, how safe is Mogdishu were they exaggerating/pushing it with the news