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president sells somali girls


باسمك اللهم
Most of those girls are probably now abused and sexually assaulted by their pig Arab employers. #HawiyeLivesMatter.
Why would you knowingly send your women to a country where this happens on the regular :mahubowtf:

This is basically human trafficking. Somalia needs a womans march.

@Knowles can organise and start the #Anigana
Hassan "milk em" sheikh mohamud is a greedy disgusting man. I can't believe this crook got approved a retirement plan as if he didn't steal enough

Part of me feels sorry for him though, he's only consuming fire and he does it with a smile.


Seeker of knowledge and truth
I may criticize our leaders from time to time but honestly out of all the politicians in Somalia I can only say I despise Xasan Sheikh and his allies Abdishakur and Fiqi :kanyeshrug:

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
I don’t know why niggas here taking shot at Hawiye?
The fck

Xassan Sh messed up tho


Look at all these disgusting men laughing at Somali women facing abuse and possible death.

Boys I thought you just hated Somali girls in the West, your misogyny is showing.

Most of the men are from single mother households I’m guessing too