1. 486th President

    BREAKING NEWS 15yr old Somali kid shoots 4 people

    This kid ran up into an AirBnb broad daylight and shot 4 guys killing one of them. The guy he killed was a rapper that actually did decent numbers in the underground canada rap scene heres one of his videos. “Five months after 18 year-old Manyok Akol, also known as rapper “FTG Metro”, was...
  2. F

    MOTIVATION, RICH neighborhoods in Nairobi( READ)

    This is where the richest who reside in Kenya. There a lot of Somalis here. Historically, Most rich people in Kenya were the British, Indians and a few politicians even after independence from the British. Places like Westlands we’re literally nicknamed “Uhindini” meaning Indian neighborhood It...
  3. G

    Are Western Somalis a lost cause?

    Is it just me, or is behaviour such as open atheism, homosexuality, transgenderism in Somalis starting to be more normalized? I spoke to a Sheikh in my mosque who told me that told me that a lot of Somali Parents don't even make a fuss anymore that their sons and daughters marry gaals nowadays...
  4. The Somali Caesar

    Why do Somalis claim to be Banu Hashimi??

    I’m not sure if it’s just me who realises this but I see many Somalis saying they’re Arabs. Which boggles my mind. Let’s dissect Arab countries most of them got Arabized by invasion Look at the Levantine Arabs or the Berber Arabs or the Egyptians Arabs. My point is the only reason we didn’t...
  5. Molotoff

    The Somali Social Media Scene

    What are your thoughts about it? Who do you follow? There are a lot of Snapchat Somalis that I follow, first and foremost Life of Hanna. The weddings look so extravagant, these people are really living life to the fullest, corona or no corona.
  6. AarHawd_7

    US Somalis please come in, i’m worried about your well being

    Did you guys have 3 meals today? Surely its hard for a family with 8 kids to provide 3 meals a day for your family with a income of just £13k a year. Or you guys surviving on foodstamps? My little brother who fills shelves of the local Tesco makes more than 13k a year, he is 17 by the way. How...
  7. pablo

    Origin of the word somali?

    When was this name first mentioned in any writing and by whom? also what were we calling ourselves before then or what were other people were calling us?
  8. Odkac WRLD

    Staring issues

    Fellow Somalis, if you see a Somali boy or girl in public please do not just started at’s unnerving This is primarily addressed to the older ladies..I’m certain younger girls have this issue w these odays so this applies to them too. I remember 10th grade the baddest xalimo in our...
  9. Exodus

    Christian Somalis

    The strangest thing happened today. At one of my classes, I saw a Somali wearing a crucifix. I found this rather amusing and was staring at him without realizing it. As the only Somali I knew who converted to Christianity was insane, I do wonder if there are any Christian Somalis on this forum...
  10. B-is-the-code

    Funny somali MAAHMAAH

    Hello whats gucci sspoters;) If you have some funny somali MAAHMAAH, please drop them here, lets laugh :lolbron: 1. This maahmaah is from MAKI HAJI BANAADIR. He is somali comedian/actor (reer muqdisho) He made a lot of funny maahmaah. But i like this one " in lagu xanto waxaa ka horayso in...
  11. AarHawd_7

    Somalis should start embracing their Arab roots

    May Allah bless all Arabs including Somalis, May Allah unite us under the flag of Islam. May we destroy our common enemy. May we be ONE country with no borders one day, IN SHAA ALLAH. Wa bilaah tawfiiq
  12. AarHawd_7

    Scarcity studios explains the Leyton Somali vs Madow beef. Higham Hill versus Mali Boys

    East London aka the 3rd world
  13. IftiinOfLife

    Why are all Somalis depressed in 2019, and other things I observed

    Hooyoyinkaa: 40 and up, have a bunch of kids, live on whatssapp sending each other the latest gossip, looking to buy a house in turkey or go back to Somalia, wants you to join their ayuuto. Hoodrats: You got the yoinging hoodrat whose impressionable and easily mislead, because their older...
  14. AarHawd_7

    Detailed report about the Camden Madow vs Somali beef

    How London’s Camden Lock became a flashpoint for knife gang killings The area is at the heart of a brutal battle which has left vulnerable teenagers dead and whole communities in fear. They emerge at dusk, gathering on the corner of Queen’s Crescent and Weedington Road. Lookouts are stationed...
  15. Prince Abubu

    Kenyans Scare of "Rising Somali Numbers"

  16. Prince Abubu

    Somalis Will Be Wiped by Climate Change

    Severe hunger threatens millions in Somalia as climate emergency deepens The forests are burning, the sea is slowly rising, boiling and being plundered. There won't be any global action against climate change. Capitalism has brought our species to the brink of destruction. Only rich western...
  17. Umm-al-Dhegdheeriyaa

    No Longer Somali

    To me, the minute you leave Islam you’re no longer Somali. The Somali gaalo, which by the way we only see online, are no longer Somali in my eyes. Islam is deeply rooted in our veins, and we were Muslims for a long long time. I can’t imagine having the privilege to believe in Allah and the...
  18. CaliTedesse

    Habesha have been more nice to me than Somalis

    Habesha have always been nice to me. Wallahi billahi since many influx of Habesha in Western Europe there have been many amounts of Habesha here. Waa dad fiican walle bille always smiling. If you show them love they show you love back. Dad xaasid maaha. Talked to many. Even couple Ethiopians but...
  19. D

    Speakers Corner Madness

    Have you guys witnessed what happened this week at Speakers Corner? From this point on Speakers Corner is no longer a safe place. All types of groups are going to be coming down next week so if anyone here goes to that park then I suggest to not go if you only go there to watch and for...
  20. AarHawd_7

    Congolose dead ting, gets grilled after coming for Somalis.

    She tried to mock us coming for people starving back home, mind that 234 people liked this disgusting tweet. A Xaaliimo (may god be with her strikes back) Wallaahi Somali twitter is dangerous:liberaltears: w