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Fellow Somalis, if you see a Somali boy or girl in public please do not just started at them..it’s unnerving

This is primarily addressed to the older ladies..I’m certain younger girls have this issue w these odays so this applies to them too.

I remember 10th grade the baddest xalimo in our grade was leaving this bus and an oday was starting at her ass. SHE WAS 14 he was geriatric kkkk
Anyways say hello or just ignore idk but this staring shit is out of hand. It’s like there shooting lasers through your skull STOP

It really be like that sometimes..



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I do often wonder why 99% of the Somali men like to stare and expect a nod back from other men.
All Somali people aren’t the one with the staring problem, it’s our women. When I’m out in public, Somali guys don’t stare but if they notice you they’ll salam or dap you, Somali females on the other hand will silently death stare at everyone who’s Somali young and old lmfao, if it’s a female they’ll mug each other. Xalimos have what I call camera eyes when they see other Somalis.

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I'll admit, when i see a hot somali girl i just stare. Usually at the tities yes but stare nevertheless. Hot ass females and their ghetoness makes it hotter :wowsweat::ohhhdamn:
I couldn't stop staring at girls up until last year where I stopped and lowered my gaze, often girls would get the wrong impression, and I'd be stuck with a fat Becky for the rest of my school days, but I've stopped alx