somali men

  1. Metal Magician

    Study Shows Somali Men Marry Out More

    Somali Women have the lowest of out-marriages among Immigrants in America while Somali Men have higher percentage. Let us put this idea to rest that Somali Women in North America marry out more than Somali men, this is not the case according to studies done, its just that Somali Women brag more...
  2. S

    CULTURE somali women dress/hijab 1980s

    hey guys im really confused and need help on this topic. I want to know why wearing hijab today in somalia and among somalis is such a big deal whereas back in the day 1980s and prior hijab wasn’t really worn like that im really curious as most of the older vintage pictures are of somali women...
  3. Helios

    Throwback: Somali Men's National Basketball Team

    Too much drip :obama:
  4. Daacad90

    I change my mind about Somali men...

    Not all of y'all trash. I misjudged y'all. I was at the mall the other day and there was this somali man shopping groceries and taking care of his children simultaneously. Let's not paint all somali men with the same brush. You have to dig through the most disgusting dirt to find the most...
  5. D

    What is happening to Somali men in North America?

    I know Somali men be getting all types of women but black women? :jcoleno: On the side note, black men are getting cucked. :ohhh:
  6. Kaiser

    This is some gay shit

    Normally it's female models that promote shirts like these, why on god's green earth would they let a male model do this shit.:jcoleno: How would you guys have reacted if you saw some guy wearing this shit, while being all happy. :damn::mjcry:
  7. Ramen

    Why do somali men act like they own somali women

    i have seen many somali men on the rape thread where they talk about why rape doesn’t exist in marriage and the woman’s duty to have sex with her man. I just found it funny how you guys act like you own somali women and shit
  8. Monisha Hershey

    ❤ ❤ Somali men appreciation thread ❤ ❤

    And when a Somali guy IS romantic. Somali women are the first to say: “OMG,akhas! Why is this Faarax trying to be like Brad Pitt?”:ftw9nwa: I wanted to clarify that I frickin adooore everything about Somali men. They have never seemed to fail me, they have always treated me with respect, love...
  9. WarsameXamse

    Somali girls salty because They didn't make it to the TOP TEN LIST

    they are hella mad because this Somali guy didn't put them in his top ten beautiful girls list AND THE TWEET IS GAINING TRACTION.
  10. HuunoHunter

    Turkish raised Somali Woman ranting about Somali Men.

    I agree with her in the end. Look after your kids. Lol
  11. Bohol

    How masculine are you facial wise? take the test

    Lets see @Zayd results. I am sure my young nephew will get 100% :lolbron::pachah1: You can take it here My results
  12. TooMacaan

    Canadian Guy re: Somali Guy's Behavior

    Basically "Somali guys be like..." content. It's kind of an old[ish] video so I don't know if there's already a thread on this, (if so, I apologize), but I just happened to stumble upon it and thought I'd share ^.^ What do you guys think? Accurate?
  13. Zuleikha

    Somali men appreciation thread

    This thread is dedicated to all the unappreciated godfearing, respectful,successful and ambitious somali men out there. You guys are pretty amazing:rejoice:.