1. E

    God Bless Yemen and Palestine

    This Yemeni Youtuber went around trying to get people to burn the Somali flag. But they all declined out of respect for Somalia.
  2. Milano Ahmed

    CNN reports: Vaccinations highlights the divide between Israel and Palestine

    Israel is leading the world in vaccinations but Palestine let’s not beat around the bush here it’s occupied by Israel has had little vaccinations at all.
  3. abdullah233

    X-Muslims do you support Palestine

    I’m curious as to x-Muslims here are opposed to Zionism or not?
  4. abdullah233


    This is serious I have fallen for a ashkanazi yahudi I am conflicted on what to do
  5. The Somali Caesar

    Normalisation of Israel?

    I always see Somalis on social media like #FreeGaza or #BoycottIsrael but they never hastaging about K5 or NFD or Somalia turmoil etc But if Arabs who are brethens with Palestinians don’t really care,the question I ask is why should we?
  6. IftiinOfLife

    The Truth of Palestine

    Palestinians = Cad Cad of Arabs, very mixed group
  7. Karim

    BREAKING: Netanyahu says will begin annexing West Bank if re-elected prime minister.

    BREAKING: Netanyahu says will begin annexing West Bank if re-elected prime minister
  8. CanIDimo

    Palestinian speaking fluent somali

    he is Palestinian and reer xamar, if you check his story he uses the word "xalimoid" he must be a somalispotter :damn: he also calls the guy folk head" in somali :russ: meanwhile most yall can barely form a single sentence in somali somali girls you have my permission and blessing, secure this...
  9. CanIDimo

    Why do arabs love israel

    why are arabs neutral on israel?? if you look at the comment section of this vid i shared, there are endless positive comments about israel and netanyahu from Arabs in Saudi,Egypt,Morocco,Algeria and so on, and even Asian Muslims from developed nations like oil rich Brunei,Malaysia,Indonesia and...
  10. The alchemist

    So much for free speech and liberal values

    I know there is many zionist apologist on this site, but this is ridiculous.
  11. Cazzo

    Palestinans Celebrate Christmas Like Kaffirs

    n the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful 1 Say : O ye that reject Faith! 2 I worship not that which ye worship, 3 Nor will ye worship that which I worship. 4 And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship, 5 Nor will ye worship that which I worship. 6 To you be...
  12. Faazzla

    US cuts $200M in aid to Palestinians, says there are no refugees, will cut UNRWA funding
  13. Zach


    I just saw that video nd i'm very happy there still people outside Palestine, who believe that Israel is wrong to be there. Sorry, that the video is in french but it has subtitles.
  14. Mohsin

    UN. Countries that Voted against USA

  15. Mohsin

    Palestinians are not Racist !

    Would you allow your child to marry someone black?
  16. Jodeci

    Shocking: Palestinian serial killer in America exclusively targeted Black people for murder

    But "We wuz arab" :mjlol: But "Free Palestine" :mjlol: He's a Christian Arab from Palestine, who lived in Israel before going to America, soon as he gets to America he kills all the black people he can find. Mugshot of Elias Abuelazam after his arrest for a misdemeanor assault warrant in...