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    Social justice victory as Saudi Arabia allow women to drive proving the power of progress/feminisme

    This is the first major victory for women's right and hopefully the regressive Kingdom will stop being an embarrassment for Islam. Equality can never be an nice to do but a must do. I hope it will propell saudi women from victimhood and in light. @ArchBishopofAtheism Source...
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    @ArchBishopofAtheism correct this :siilaanyosmile::siilaanyolaugh:
  3. Xooshdheere

    Somali news reporter reporting on the Charlottleville incident

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    Former campaign manager Paul Manafort has his house raided by the freaking FBI on 26th of july

    This is a first in US history of a campaign manager being raided. This happended on the same day Trump made the sudden change in transgender, @AbdiJew, you were sold out for to avoid a headline about manafort. Now for the mental gymnastics, how is the ok, @AbdiJew, @XamarCade? Source...
  5. Xooshdheere

    Beautiful Somali News presenter

    Here's her reporting about a khat incident
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    LGBT folks of Somalispot and Abdijohnson/Abdijew you have been betrayed by Trump administration

    Trump administration argues that LGBT are not protected under law against crimination. @AbdiJew you have been betrayed Source:
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    Breaking news: Donald Trump seeks advice on pardoning himself, family members. Hopefully he will

    According to the Washington Post Donald Trump seeks his legal council for advice about pardons. Source:
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    OJ simpsons is out! After uanimous vote OJ gets parol and will live as a free man come this october

    OJ parol hearing went well and now he'll be a free man come October 2017. Source:
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    Now we know that Trump Jr. met with Russian Lawyer AND a man who is a Soviet intelligence officer

    This saga is getting worse: First there was no meeting Then the meeting was about adoption Then all the emails proved it was about getting dirt on Hillary And now we know there were three more people in the meeting, one of them being the Soviet Intellegence officer. Why would a intelligence...
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    SHOCK! President Donald Trump indicates that the meeting with Kremlin lawyer was mentioned to him

    This is like a bad spy movie, only in real life. So last week, we were told that Donald Jr. and campaign manager Manufort and Jared Kushner most trusted advisor was to a meeting with a Kremlin connected lawyer with intend to recive incriminating material on Hillary Clinton as part of the...
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    Somalia Prepares for One Person, One Vote Polls by 2020 with meetings but with no concrete plans

    I'll be the first one to celebrate an electoral succes for Somalia but 2020 is utopian in the current situation and even the qoute from the head of electoral head proves that the person has limited clue of obstacle faced: "Halima Ismail Ibrahim, the chairperson of the Somali National...
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    Trump’s Son Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Info on Clinton.He later admits it

    Outing stories aside this is a story with great implication. Yesterday we learned from the New York times that a lawyer who is closely linked to Kremlin with Trump's most inner circle that includes his son Trump Jr. and Kushner. Then the defensive position from the White House was that they...
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    Appreciation thread for the men Omar is banging! Just finished the wire and I find myself jealous

    The man got supreme good taste. Season lover boy 1: Season 1 lover boy 2: Season 3 lover boy: All I'm saying is the nigga got good taste, I might reconsider reer Roger after this experince :farole:
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    Somalia Regains Control of its Airspace! Welcome, Mogadishu Air-Traffic Controllers!

    At least some good news, maybe, just maybe we will become a functional country someday :banderas: Come celebrate @XamarCade, @TSP
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    While the duhulos on Somalispot crussade for qabil, Ghana sends a satelite into freaking space

    This is an L so big, we need burn cream and lube to cure it :jcoleno: There is sending satellite to explore their coast, and meanwhile wez eating porcupines :mjcry: Racist of Somalispot takes this L: @EedoMenace @GodKnowsBest Source:
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    Poles Value Denying Muslim Refugees Over Being in EU, Poll Shows

    The Polish government faces a dual problem 1) Firstly it does not live up to the loyalty principal in accordance with the EU treaty, art 4, section 3 by not accepting refugees or aiding the Union in its endeavor. 2) Secondly it faces being found in violation against the basic principles of...
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    Another arrest in the mamuulka of Somaliland, a true beacon of democracy doesn't act like this

    LOL that second comment is speaking the truth:lolbron:
  18. Apollo

    The Unholy Alliance between Muslims and Feminists & Gays Can anyone explain this strange phenomenon? It seems like in the political arena of the West those seemingly oppositional groups become...
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    President Farmajo brings smile to orphans by sending $20,000 Eid gift to Afgoye orphanage centre

    I don't care if it is a photo-op, he brings hope and smiles to those young children, probably for the first time for that alone I thank him:kendrickcry: A righteous man can judged by how he treat those who can do nothing for him :salute:
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    Gen Gabre is gone, get in here @TSP @XamarCade @Bahal, @SOMALI GENERAL, @SomaliWadaniSoldier you got what you wanted Something good at least after the last bombings and other L''s we have been taking :mjlol: Farmaajo has accomplished one of my criteria for him :lawd: