1. NidarNidar

    Internet troll larping as Somali arrested - could face up to 3 year sentence before being deported

    His real name is Ramsey Khalid Ismael
  2. Jungle

    Hashi Omar killed in Muqdisho AUN
  3. Dima&Damo

    Historic Day For Reer Puntland

    First Elected Mayor And Local Council Ufeyn Leads The Carge In Democratic Elections
  4. Kool-Aid

    NEWS Another Day, Another Mass Shooting In America

    Ya things are truly back to normal in the U.S.
  5. Kool-Aid

    NEWS Japan releasing radioactive water into the sea

    3 eyed fish coming to a plate near you!!
  6. T

    No country has ever signed a MOU to put it's territorial integrity into dispute, except Somalia
  7. MT Foxtrot

    NEWS Turkey pushing for Somalia-Kenya talks over maritime row

    This is a cross-post from Reddit. The user ToDonutsBeTheGlory's submission statement: They continue:
  8. L

    NEWS Somaliland Head Police chief promises to arrest the the men involved in Hoodo’s attack

    After Hoodo and her mother were brutally attacked by local police officers over a parking situation, Dabagale apologized to both the victims and promised them he will imprison the officers involved. He has also stated he will cover their injuries and hospital bills. Dabagale is doing a good job
  9. Jungle's Finest ☔


    post all ur london and toronto shit in this thread
  10. qalanjoqoordheer

    Stabbing in Reading
  11. Creed

    At least 26 Dead In Last 24 Hours near Kismayo

    The question is why is not Madoobe stopping this?:faysalwtf:
  12. QAADDO


    Today this happened If y'all want me to post the statement by al-Shabaab about the base attack with its usual Wahhabist drivel, feel free to reply your affirmation
  13. Lois Lane

    How are the media doing in Toronto? Journalist seeking your opinion.

    Hey, I'm a journalist in Toronto. For a diverse city, our media are pretty white and mainstream. What kind of job do you think the local media are doing? Who is doing a good job of representing issues important to your community? Who is doing a bad job? Have you seen any news you've found...
  14. Waaqo of Punt

    A Somali man took his life by jumping off from a height. Mall in Norway.

  15. Waaqo of Punt

    EVIL xabashi ex-dictator gets heavy KARBASH and ROASTED by cadaan interviewer

    @xabashi @Emily That was a prison interrogation not an interview. His evils have been exposed
  16. NAAFO

    waalalayaalo wax naahniin the future is here and its disturbing

    Hi guys/girls In the globalised hyper connected world that has provided the information super high way (internet) and resulted in instant information readily available at the beckoning of your finger tips that has also facilitated the arrival of social media and the sharing of various types of...
  17. S

    U.S. Special Operations Forces Massacred Civilians in Somalia and then covered it by planting evide

    An investigation by The Daily Beast on the ground in Somalia appears to confirm that American soldiers were involved directly in the deaths of 10 innocent civilians. It is disgusting...
  18. S

    Why is no one talking about the fact that Drumpf had to of his people charged in a criminal charge

    And it happend faster than I can choose my new years eve dress o_O Fake news is about to be jail news :ftw9nwa: Any comments @XamarCade @ArchBishopofAtheism @AbdiJew
  19. S

    This just too funny: Rise of the ‘bromance’ threatens heterosexual relationships, warns scientists

    "The rise of the ‘bromance’ could threaten heterosexual relationships, academics have warned, after discovering that many men find their close male friendships more emotionally satisfying than relationships with women"
  20. S

    Kenya makes SL election look ideal, opposition leader resigns in protect of new election laws

    Kenyan opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga withdrew from a rerun of the country’s annulled presidential election, pushing the East African nation toward a constitutional crisis. :lawd: If only Somalia had its stuff together we could get NFD and leave those savages to themselves...