1. Zach

    Vacations without parents?

    Do you ever been to a vacation without your parents? I have met Somali friends a couple of weeks ago and we talked and the topic came up and I said I’ve been to vacations with my friends like actual ones meaning out of europe and with in too, and they thought it was strange. I found out that a...
  2. Hanan.ilhan

    Ackley Bridge

    so to the UK ppl do you know that show? What do you think about it? :gaasdrink:
  3. Zach

    Identity issues!

    I personally never had identity issues, i kind always new who i am and that’s it. But since I got older and focused more on social issues, i realized that a lot of people had those issues. I first thought it was like an cadaan or gaal thing, but a lot of people on here have these issues and my...
  4. Karim

    Is wearing makeup in public permissible for women?!!!

    Is wearing makeup in public permissible for women?!!
  5. Karim

    Some healthy benefits of Ramadan

    Provides tranquility of the heart and mind There is intense spiritual meaning to Ramadan for those who fast. Muslims practice generosity by being charitable, family-bonding by gathering around the iftar table, spirituality by praying, and self-control by practicing good manners. All these...
  6. Zach

    Somalia the birthplace of modern arabic

    please read this article and then comment.
  7. Zach

    Ask me anything

    salam, so I am bored. :liberaltears: Ask away but please don’t be rude. Jazakallahu khair.
  8. Jodeci

    Yusuf bin Ahmad al-Kawneyn

    I saw this quote in another thread, then read the entire Wikipedia page.:mjhaps: Our history is so nice :mjkkk: A plaque of his name in Asia Biography Sheikh Yusuf Al-Kawneyn was a Somali scholar who studied in Zayla and later in Iraq. As a result of his studies in Iraq, he was given the...
  9. Jodeci

    Muslim Men's responsibility in marriage

    In order to clear up misconceptions of what people were taught. I figure I could try and educate some people. Here are the responsibility of a Muslim man when he is married. During the Marriage Providing financially for his wife and child(ren) Paying her Mehr Supporting the family Providing...
  10. A

    Why should Somalis follow Islam?

    It is a foreign arab imperialism that controls even the tiniest details of your life. Why should I walk in the bathroom with my left foot, what difference does it make? Are the jinns gonna eat me in there regardless of what foot I walk in? I am gonna burn in hell for eternity for not kissing the...
  11. Hana

    Somalis of Finland, your thoughts on the terror attack

    How do you feel about the very first terror attack in Finland? How will it effect your daily lives? Will Somalis also be getting blamed although the terrorist is from Morocco? Tuleeks elämästä rankkaa seuraavina päivinä? So many questions. :wow1:
  12. ArchBishopofAtheism

    Religion is Free Speech and Nothing More

    Free speech comes with obvious restrictions. For example you are not allowed to threaten people or commit perjury in court. Your employer might ask you to cover up offensive tattoos or avoid profane language, and should you refuse, he/she can discipline you. The same thing should apply to...
  13. Jeesto

    Are you muslim first or Somali first?

    Do you identify as your religion/faith first and Somali second or vice versa??:cosbyhmm: For me, my ethnicity/nationality comes first.
  14. Jeesto

    Thicc Hijabi

    :whew: :damedamn::wow1: :whoo::diddyass:
  15. Prince Abubu

    Why? Just Why?

    Wearing a Xijab with leggings. What's the point covering your head, if your booty's going bliq bliq? These Muslim girls are fitna...:ohlord:
  16. M

    Sadiq Khan Winning Race To Be London Mayor

    That's right, Sadiq Khan ladies and gents. :dzmxmmb: