1. Calaami

    Sharma Boy is the 3rd most listened to African rapper on YouTube

  2. Audrey Hepburn

    Songs of Old......

    Share some gems, Sspot. Here's my list: 𐒋𐒖𐒆𐒔𐒖𐒕𐒈, come on in. :stevej:
  3. somali.hoxhaist

    Somali Rap before Sharma Boy

    Somali Reer Xamari Rap
  4. seungminsfavmali

    halal music exists

    Many sheikhs and imams of Islam have told us for years that music is haram, but I Hibaq Mahamud Yusuf has proved them all wrong. I've searched for long and hard for something that my fellow brothers and sisters may listen to with peace. And after a treacherous journey, I've finally found it...
  5. Hargeysa

    jeen-yuhs on Netflix

    Jeen-yuhs is a brilliant documentary on Kanye. Episode 1 covers the beginning of his career, and his struggle to get signed as a rapper. Episode 1 showed Kanye's ambition, perseverance, self-belief, and his undeniable talent. I think we can all learn something from him. I loved how his debut...
  6. The Somali Caesar

    Somali disco fever era

  7. SultanYusuf

    Share music made by Somalis in your diaspora.

    Post music made by Somali artists. Let us see which diaspora is most lit and laandheere. As a Canadian I will post these. I'll leave this cuz SmokeDawg AUN was honorable geeljire, filmed this track on da opps block but paid for it with his life. We da livest ones. :rejoice...
  8. Helios

    Fobs Wylin

    Subhanallah :dead1:
  9. B

    Best Somali Rapper?

    Going through youtube and i'm seeing a lot of Somalis making tracks in Toronto & Minnesota. My favorite has to be MO-G. This track in particular has a positive message and apparently it had 2M views but the original video got deleted.
  10. Odkac WRLD

    Eternal Atake- 2.5 week review.

    I made a previous thread on Eternal Atake before, the day it came out I believe. I didn’t have much positives to say about it then. I had the same thoughts about Death Race For Love, initially after one listen I was disappointed. After a few more spins, it became one of my favorite projects...
  11. musicvegan

    A change of pace from what's going on in the world here's mine whats yours

    1Party has been successful in realizing hit songs that will fight for the people to have an open mind, provide relief from all stress, and make people feel good. The group aims at bringing about a positive change like anti-bully and an all-good mindset. In the form of music, 1Party covers all...
  12. L


    I AM a Hedonist! I Love Feeling Good and Pursuing Pleasure! Sweet Dido, I Love you!
  13. Odkac WRLD

    Support a Somali Artist

    Go run up my soundcloud I just dropped some heat ! undoubtedly, there will be haters please leave any constructive criticism for me to get better at my craft all input is greatly appreciated Remember all...
  14. Odkac WRLD

    This was the best rap album of 2019 + REVIEW before you clown me, hear me out. When I first listened to this, I was like damn this shit kind of ass. several listens later I’m telling you this was hands down the best hip hop/rock album of 2019 (Polo G’s Die a Legend is a very close second) REVIEW TIME We start the album off with...
  15. Al-Burcaawi

    Eritrean Afar music slaps

  16. Exodus

    This girl is everywhere

    I swear to god, I can't even go on the internet without something trying to push me to listen to Billie Eilish, now I hear she's even going to my fav film series? :gucciwhat: I've never seen popularity for one artist come out like this of nowhere man, what about you? What are your thoughts on...
  17. Helios

    What Kids in My Old Highschool are up to....

    Dropping diss tracks on each other. Thank god they aren't from my city and just the neighboring town :wow1::tacky: @Factz @Shmurda @Gucci mane @416 @HanadR6 @Desert Flower @lil boss
  18. EL LEETO


    UKDRILL revolves around a prominent locally grown subgenre of Drill music, UK Drill. Originating in Brixton from 2012 onwards, the genre has achieved national mainstream success under brutal scrutiny from the police. If you'd like to discuss ukdrill or other uk sub genres this is the place...
  19. Exodus

    Best Hip Hop album ever?

    For me, it's Illmatic by Nas If you wanna listen, What do you think is the best Hip Hop Album ever?
  20. Odkac WRLD

    Moving on from loss...

    This will come off either as incredibly stupid or incredibly weird, but the death of Juice Wrld is really affecting my life. I did not know this man but listened to his music nonstop. His music got me through a lot of things (including @Muji) :damn: and Idk i guess I never realized how much an...