1. Monisha Hershey

    Somali Girls are Rising in the Music Industry

    These songs are bangers :) If you have any other somali female artists (mainly RnB and Hip Hop) in mind please feel free to share their songs :z1banet::z1banet: :dzmxmmb::it0tdo8: Support them :it0tdo8::z1banet::z1banet:
  2. Hawd19

    UK/Toronto rap

    do you listen to uk/toronto rap and if you do whos your current favorite artist
  3. A


    A lot of you might not know what fire in the booth is but now you will know. For those who know, your top 3 FITB.
  4. H

    Why are Jamaican dance and music very explicit

    Shenseea starts squirting @2:06 :russ:
  5. Tdoug

    Made A NEW SONG!!!(Soundcloud Trapper)

    Go have a listen and Follow me on soundcloud
  6. tesfey67n

    Any musicians on here?

    any musicians on here?
  7. A

    Ilhan omar in maroon 5 video!

    My Somali friend asked me if I recognised the Somali woman in a music video as he had seen her somewhere before. I looked at the video and I see Ilhan Omar in the music video. Shit is hilarious. She appears at 3:50
  8. A

    First UK Somali rapper

    Northwest London rapper. His mum would have been so embarrassed when the aunties showed him the videos.
  9. Boqor

    Reer Muqdisho come in and please explain

    Can someone please explain to me the meaning behind this song.... . It's slyly a banger.....but something very "mooryani" about it... Is it a kids song that incites theft and rape? First time seeing it today after a Reer Somaliland guy said these are the types of songs reer Xamar make. Well...
  10. DRACO

    Puff daddy is officially SOMALI!

    Kkkkk who edited this :dead:
  11. Somali Greatness

    Somali- Canadian singer sings a Jacaal song in Somali language

    Somali Princess is the title of the song. Embracing our Somali women and empowering them. Also this Somali-Canadian singer is speaking our poetic language in this great song check it out - Somali Greatness
  12. DRACO

    Wiz kid famous in somalia?

    Megastar Nigerian wiz kid shout out somalia &a Somalis went wild in the comment section . Anyone know if his famous in somalia/land?
  13. hindhisle

    Finnish band remakes somali song

    Thi is the original song. Its verry pobular among sci-fi fans as it featured in the film abroaching the uknown. The movie was dissapointment but the best part of it was the guy dancing to this song. This is the finnish version of it I have to say, i usually dont like covers but this is...
  14. Waxwaalan

    Geeljire music from 70's-80's earns a nomination for a Grammy Award

    Yes, you read it right. Two ajnabis went to hargeysa, djibouti, and moqdishu to revive old tapes of geeljire music. Some 10,000 tapes were hidden under the ground by radio broadcasters & journalists in hargeysa during the late 80's as the city was getting bombed heavily. This was one of the...
  15. DRACO

    Lost Somali tapes notminated at Grammys

    These lost and found Somali tapes are now nominated for a Grammy award Sweet as Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa was produced and compiled by Vik Sohonie and Nicolas Sheikholeslami. Nominated in the Best Historical Album category, the 15-track mix tape features Somali...
  16. Xooshdheere

    Somalia's Golden age of Music

    In this explainer video, learn what political, social, and cultural forces forged Somalia's golden age of music, what caused its demise, and why a new golden age is happening right now. 1887-1960 = 73 years with resistance, not centuries of colonialism. Language, culture, religion and gene...
  17. Xooshdheere

    Kpop at Somali wedding....

  18. Xooshdheere

    Somali Baby songs

  19. B

    I have to move my body when this song starts playing