1. HuunoHunter

    Kenyan raps about the malab.

    @Bidaar Wanagsan Take a shot every time he says malab.
  2. HuunoHunter

    Faarax Singing About Xalimo Batty.

    Beat is good, however lyrics could have been better. He should have removed that Teddy Afro part. :nahgirl:
  3. A


  4. Someone

    OFFICIAL 90s/00s music thread

    Post and discuss about songs from the 90s and 00s :lawd:
  5. Xooshdheere

    Somaliland/Djibouti CRINGE national anthem

    Somaliland: This is exactly why SL is not recognized. Djibouti: This is the most ear rape video you will find on YT. This is worse than SL's techno national anthem. everyone grab your headphones and enjoy! :damnmusic:
  6. Karim

    Do you like the Traditional Celtic/Nordic Music??

    I'm obsessed with them lately, composers like Adrian von Ziegler and BrunuhVille made me fall in love with This kind of Music.
  7. O

    Lost Somali Tapes From The Horn Of Africa

    SWEET AS BROKEN DATES: LOST SOMALI TAPES FROM THE HORN OF AFRICA In 1988, on the eve of a two-decade civil war, Somalia’s authoritarian ruler Siad Barre launched punishing air strikes on the north of the country, known today as Somaliland, in response to agitations for independence. The bombing...
  8. Madara x

    Track 2: [Condemned Creeds] Listen and Share

    Greeting's fellow Somali's, This is the second track of my forthcoming Music Album. It is composed of excerpt's from my recently self-published book "Black nomad: Dhimashada caqliga {mental death}", and my queen siri is doing the vocals. The instrumental background is from Epic Music. Check...
  9. Madara x

    My first song [Black Fugitive] Listen and Share

    Greeting's fellow Somali's, I'm officially a music producer. My first song is composed of excerpt's from my recently self-published book "Black nomad: Dhimashada caqliga {mental death}". My Queen Siri is doing the reading and the background music is quite dramatic indeed. Check it out here...
  10. Betterbro

    Vinyl Collecting/Creating set up, anyone into it? I'm trying to start

    My first record is probably gonna be Frank Zappas "Hot rats" Or my boy Father John Misty new album "Pure comedy", its so STUNNING and the music is good too but it's 35 dollars :vo3yidw:. I'm leaning more towards Frank since as it's less expensive and I LOVE that album.
  11. SultanuuFicaan

    Mongolian throat singing is brilliant.

    Fascinating , remember these are the same folks that had this empire and send shockwaves across the world. By far top 3 best general of all time in world history Subutai. Had plans to invade the Holy Roman empire too but the death of Ogedei khan prevented that. @Vanguard @oday1kenobi...
  12. SultanuuFicaan

    Somalispot Historical Qaraami appreciation thread

    Legendary Cabdulqadir Sanka aun ' Sidee loo jid marayaa' 'Dunida adaan kaa rabaa '- Cumar Dhuule aun - Salgula Maggol (aun) - Shimbir Magool (aun) - 'AFRIKAAY HURUDOOY.' AUN to any who have died and I forget to say 'AUN'
  13. Prototype

    Party music archives. Songs to dance to.

    Eid night tonight and you already know the parties are gonna be LITTTTTTTTTTT everywhere :lawd: post the songs that make you :dance::dj: no matter what your mood is Me I love Afrobeats. I can't sit still while these songs play man. :dance: Just listen to this :dj: on full blast:ahhhh...
  14. Music Head

    All.Me to release new video after 10k plays!

    Producer of All.Me's '100 Thou' posts on IG that a new video will drop after the song gets 10k plays on Soundcloud. I don't know about y'all but I'm trying to see another movie from him. Here's the soundcloud link: