1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    If You Know What You Want To Do With Your "Life"..Why Aren't You Doing It?

    I got this idea from the Coli. Some poster made it, but it rings true. The main question is what is the "roadblock" that is stopping you from reaching your full potential?
  2. JudgeJoeGorilla

    If You Think About It, Life Is Really Like A Video Game. Here's Why.

    In a video game you have to achieve different levels and you obtain different skills while trying to get to the next stage. I use this analogy because life is like this. You try to network with different people of higher status in your professional and personal life. Also, you learn what life...
  3. JudgeJoeGorilla

    What Shaped Your Political Views?

    For myself, life experience and meeting people of different cultures.
  4. Wind

    Sea animals in Somali

    Came across this list of marine life in Somali, names of different kindes of fish, sharks etc. The list starts at slide 24.
  5. 486th President

    How do you see life?

    How do you see life? Or the Dunya... how do you see it? Some people think this is their only chance, others think not.
  6. Invader

    Iconic Somali Photos

    Post photos like these that have meanings to it. Djiboutians striving for independence. No to General de Gaulle Freedom or Death
  7. Strike6times

    whats funniest moment of your life

    I aint made a thread in a minute but let me start. one time I was walking home and I see a local crackhead I was like 13 at this time and he starts saying how he wants to box me so I told him go on but as soon as this guy stands up he falls back and hits his head on the road I couldn't stop...
  8. musicvegan

    A change of pace from what's going on in the world here's mine whats yours

    1Party has been successful in realizing hit songs that will fight for the people to have an open mind, provide relief from all stress, and make people feel good. The group aims at bringing about a positive change like anti-bully and an all-good mindset. In the form of music, 1Party covers all...
  9. Hodan from HR


    Society labels us good or bad depending on our actions. In that sense, good people have done bad acts and bad people do some good acts. I've heard the human version of Ibless/Lucifer exist. What is the criteria for a person to be considered evil? And how can someone be evil if they do good...
  10. F

    Feeling like you’re going to die

    I’m out here with a bump on my head thinking it’s a sign of my death. I know it’s not serious, but I can’t help wondering that this could be my last night. Do you ever exaggerate the smallest things thinking that it’s leading to your death? How often do you think about not waking up the next...
  11. xamari_dude

    Where do you guys see yourself in the next 10 years?

    Am tired of this 10-6 job. Same shit every year save go on holiday then repeat. Cant wait to be relaxing in my crib in jazeera beach inshallah when am 35. So whats your plan?
  12. Zach

    Going for an artist job

    I recently read an article *can‘t find it* that said, that more and more young ppl avoid a job an artistically field to work and go for secure business and office jobs. What do you guys think? What do you wanna do late with your life?
  13. Zach

    I only have white friends!

    Salam, So I only have white friends who are mostly gaal. Subhanallah! I feel like I am an average muslim, meaning I pray five times a day, read Quran at least once a week, do my fasting and I go to Friday prayer alxamdulillah! So but I go to parties with my friends, not like to club but a house...
  14. Buraanbur911

    Who got fucked up in dugsi?

    I was just reading this instagram post and went down memory lane. My dugsi experience went from the know my ashaar got my iqra on me everyday to don't give a f*ck what you say macaalin. I was loved by all the macaains i was that cute innocent girl who everyone thought of as smart till i met...
  15. Buraanbur911

    Why are some Somali guys awfully awkward?

    I’ve actually noticed this uncomfortable trend of awkwardness of Somali boys once they hit puberty don’t see this in other ethnic background a lot explain in your own words why ? 10 marks.
  16. Idil-Beydaan

    What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?

  17. S

    How does Somalispot feel about organ donation, are you selfless or selfish and want to keep organs?

    Under Islamic law organdonation is allowed if it can save a life both alive and after death but most muslims don't do it anyways, why must that be? Give your reasons please, non organ donors of Somalispot @RICH
  18. DRACO

    BBC Arabic visits somaliland

    BBC Arabic xtra visit somaliland. Very nice promoting somaliland across the world. I notice SL publicity has gone through the rough in recent years!
  19. ethan bradberry

    Do you consider yourself an Arab

    Do you consider yourself to be an Arab. Yes or no